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Lynn Grabhorn: A Possible Explanation

I recently received a very interesting email from Diana Huston, who has an idea about what happened to Lynn Grabhorn toward the end of her life. I’m publishing it below, unedited for content. Here it is: “I suspect that Lynn … Continue reading

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Lynn Grabhorn and Abraham-Hicks

I haven’t read any of Esther and Jerry Hicks’ books, and only know them by reputation. It’s not that I’m avoiding them, it’s just that I have a long list of books I want to read and haven’t gotten to … Continue reading

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Leaving Lynn Grabhorn (but not for good)

It’s been a while since I posted anything new to this blog. The gap is the result of moving house and taking a long time to get straight, and being hired for some big writing projects that have kept me … Continue reading

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To Everyone Who Loves Lynn Grabhorn’s Work

I urge anyone who is interested in Lynn’s work to read the comments that people have been posting. Everyone has said something worthwhile and the postings by Moe Webster and Shelley Perham are particularly informative and insightful. I feel that … Continue reading

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Lynn Grabhorn and The Law of Attraction

I came across a website recently that posed this question: “If millions of people are practicing the Law of Attraction, why is the economy in such bad shape?” The writer went on to say that the reason the Law of … Continue reading

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The Lynn Grabhorn Mystery

In many respects, 2008 has been a strange year for me, so it’s appropriate that it should close with a mystery. There are people out there to whom Lynn Grabhorn’s death is not a mystery, but they’re remaining silent, at … Continue reading

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