Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts by John ScrivenI haven’t posted to this blog for a while, because in July, 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to become very glad that I’d written a book called Get Rid of Negative Thoughts.

Earlier in the month, I’d noticed a lump on the left side of my neck. It didn’t cause me pain, but it was growing. Some instinct told me to get this checked out. My primary care physician is a good diagnostician, but he was baffled by this lump, which was disturbing. He referred me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who sent me for a biopsy. In early August, the shattering results came in. I had B-Cell Lymphoma in two places in my neck.

The first thing I learned was that if this aggressive type of cancer goes untreated, you measure your life expectancy in months. I was sent for a full body scan but was not able to take it because I had high blood sugar levels. I went back to my GP and he diagnosed me with diabetes.

At that moment I was deluged in negative thoughts such as denial and disbelief, a whiny “why-me” bunch of thoughts and a feeling of how unfairly life was treating me. I don’t deserve this, I wailed to myself. But I’d written a book about these kinds of moments and I immediately recognized that I couldn’t afford the luxury of negative, self-pitying thoughts. I had to fight off my Mind Gremlins and go positive right away. And I did. I determined that I would beat both these diseases and would reaffirm that fact constantly throughout my treatment with inspiring thoughts about winning my battle.

In the meantime, I’d been referred to Atlanta Cancer Care and was lucky to be taken on by Dr. Seay (pronounced See) who was something of a rock star in the cancer world. I immediately trusted him and his prognosis. He recommended 6-8 treatments of R-Chop chemotherapy, which consisted of the IV infusion of a cocktail of drugs. He warned me not to listen to other people’s war stories about chemo, because every patient reacted differently. Unfortunately, I didn’t react well.

The first two treatments weren’t too bad, but after treatment three I felt exhausted, with intense fatigue, weakness and nausea. Every treatment thereafter became more difficult as I grew weaker and suffered chemo-induced nerve damage.

But my resolve to beat this affliction held firm as I put into practice everything I’d written about in Get Rid of Negative Thoughts. There was another vital factor in my recovery and that was the loving support of my partner Georgia. She took me to every medical visit and sat through every chemo treatment with me, even though it was very tedious for her. The love and support she gave me was a huge factor in keeping up my spirits.

Finally, after a seven-month slog, I was declared cancer free at the end of February this year. It was a very happy day. Chemo was brutal, but it saved my life. I wouldn’t have survived without this treatment, which took care of the physical side of the disease, but neither would I have survived without overcoming negative thoughts, which took care of the mental side of my treatment. All my powers of positive thinking were required to withstand the effects of chemotherapy. I believe that generating positive thoughts helped to boost my depleted immune system and increase my strength to fight off this horrible illness.

I am now getting better with every passing day and I thank God that I wrote a book called Get Rid of Negative Thoughts. For more details on this life-saving book, watch the video below.

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