Lynn Grabhorn and Abraham-Hicks

I haven’t read any of Esther and Jerry Hicks’ books, and only know them by reputation. It’s not that I’m avoiding them, it’s just that I have a long list of books I want to read and haven’t gotten to theirs yet.

Recently, my interest in their work was piqued by a YouTube video sent to me by Susanna. The video is the audio portion of a seminar presented by a woman talking about Esther Hicks. I don’t know who she is, because her name isn’t mentioned. I’ll call her the presenter. In this seminar, the presenter responds to a question from a member of the audience about Lynn Grabhorn. The audience member wanted to know if the kind of malevolent beings that Lynn referred to in one of her last books as “the others” really exist.

During her response, the presenter says some interesting, and slightly controversial, things about Lynn. For example, she says that Lynn created Excuse Me… from a transcript of one of Esther and Jerry Hick’s audio programs. She also states that Lynn was reaching for a feeling of well being, but never really found it herself.

I don’t know if any of the statements made are accurate, but they’re certainly interesting and it could be argued that they offer a logical explanation for the feel of Lynn’s last two books. I suggest you check out the audio excerpt for yourself and make up your own mind about the veracity of what was said about Lynn and Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. Below you’ll find the YouTube Video that Susanna sent. Listen to the whole clip to hear all that was said about Lynn.

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Self Belief and Confidence: The Antidote to Needless Worry and Anxiety

In my book, Everyday Peace of Mind, I write about the problem of needless worry. I use the word “needless” because there are, of course, things you should worry about. If some nut pulls out a gun in the restaurant where you’re having dinner, you don’t want to sit and think, “Now let me see, do I need to worry about this?”

The things that people worry about usually break down into two broad categories: Things they can control and things they can’t. Let’s take the latter first. If you’re worried about something over which you have absolutely no control, your worrying has no purpose. If you can’t control a situation, what’s the point in worrying about it? That’s needless worry. It means you’re increasing your stress level and shortening your life for no reason. On the other hand, if you’re worried about something over which you do have control, you need to take the appropriate action to rectify what’s worrying you.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Even in situations where you seem to have no control, often there is something you can do. Take the economy for example. If the overall state of the economy worries you, what can you do about it? Realistically, the answer appears to be nothing, but that’s not quite true. For one thing you can exercise your right to vote and help to change the balance of power in Congress and the Senate. Better still, you can improve your own little corner of the economy. If you’re struggling financially, you can find ways to cut expenses or earn more money – get a new job or start your own business. I’m not saying the solutions will be easy, but they are real options. You don’t have to just sit around worrying. Here are the four steps to take:

1. Identify the things that are worrying you.
2. Decide which of them are beyond your control and see if there are any small steps you can take to improve your lot within the boundaries of the bigger situation.
3. If not, accept that there’s nothing you can do, stop worrying and get on with other aspects of your life where you can influence the outcome.
4. If the worrisome situation is within your control, take whatever action is necessary to fix it.

So what has all that got to do with self belief and confidence? The answer is that you have to believe in yourself, and have faith and confidence in your ability, to take the action needed. Otherwise you’ll procrastinate and do nothing, and the source of your worry will remain intact.

So there’s another huge benefit to building confidence and belief in yourself: It greatly diminishes worry and anxiety. And that’s another reason I’ve written a book about it. Boost Your Self Confidence: 12 Keys to Building Greater Self Belief and Self Esteem. Just click on the book to find out more.

Boost Your Self Confidence By John Scriven

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Self Confidence and Belief Must Precede Methods and Techniques

Picture this: You’re walking through open countryside knowing the destination you want to reach and sure that you’re taking the best route to get there. Suddenly, you come across a creek that’s about three and a half, maybe four feet wide. Normally you wouldn’t have any trouble jumping across it, but due to heavy rain the creek has now become a raging torrent. You hesitate, wondering if you should chance the jump and risk falling in.

You look along the bank and see a man sitting at a desk on which sits a brass plaque bearing his name. He waves you over and says, “I’m a creek jumping expert. I can show you a foolproof method that will guarantee you can leap across that creek without falling in. Millions of people have used this method successfully and jumped fast-flowing creeks all over the world. My credentials are impeccable. I have letters after my name. I’m a DCJ, which stand for Doctor of Creek Jumping. For a modest sum of money, I’ll show you my method, which carries a money back guarantee.”

You want to get across the creek so you pay the man and he describes his method. You believe his credentials and the impressive testimonials he has from creek-jumpers all over the world, but you still can’t make the jump. Why not? Because you don’t have enough self-confidence to believe that you can make it across without falling in. So, despite having a proven, foolproof method at your disposal, you can’t continue your journey using that route.

There are men and women all over the world sitting behind desks telling you they have foolproof methods that will enable you to realize your dreams. But all the proven methods in the world will be useless to you unless you believe in yourself and have the self-confidence to act on that belief. If you’re in that situation, the only method that makes sense is one that helps you build unshakable self-confidence and rock-solid self-belief.

And that’s why I’ve written a book about… guess what… how to build confidence and self-belief. The urge to create such a book started when I discovered that the Law of Attraction didn’t always work for me, no matter how diligently I applied methods such as those Lynn Grabhorn advocates in her wonderful book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. I needed to find out why the LOA was only working spasmodically and I discovered that it never worked when I lacked the self-confidence to take the next big step needed to move me toward a particular goal.

So now I believe that confidence and self-belief have to come before methods and techniques. And here’s where I get hoisted on my own analogy – my book advocates a series of methods and techniques for acquiring confidence and self-belief. Ah, well… I never did claim to be perfect. Just click on the book to find out more.

Boost Your Self Confidence By John Scriven

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Leaving Lynn Grabhorn (but not for good)

It’s been a while since I posted anything new to this blog. The gap is the result of moving house and taking a long time to get straight, and being hired for some big writing projects that have kept me busy and alive financially (Lynn’s belief system at work again). The final delay factor was working on a new book about how to build self belief and confidence, which will be the subject of some of my future postings.

I continue to welcome your comments on Lynn and her work, but I have to take a different direction with my own postings. I hope you’ll join me on this new journey, which will begin shortly.

Before I take a vacation from the topic of Lynn’s work, I’d like to post a comment submitted by someone signed in as MKM. I know nothing more about this contributor than his or her email, which I won’t publish without permission. I thought long and hard about publishing this contribution, because I disagree with many of the opinions expressed about Lynn and I don’t like the tone that comes across in parts of what MKM says. But I believe passionately in free speech and that anyone who writes a blog should honor that right, providing a comment isn’t overtly offensive or abusive. Here’s what MKM said, reproduced with no editing:

“I had “Excuse me” foisted on me by one person after another, only to watch the reality that life isn’t all a box of chocolates but a mixture of good and bad and random chance that you have no control over mixed with what you can control slowly dawn on them (basic logic we’re all born with but which we have to intentionally manipulate by throwing money after books and seminars).

The reason Lynn Grabhorn lost her mind is simple and two fold. First, I hear the people who claim to be Christians say that it was because “demons” got her, much like Lynn herself claimed. Which is like watching the two characters from Dumb and Dumber have a duel. There aren’t any little green monsters or invisible men in the sky/shamanistic animals/blah blah nonsense. What happens psychologically to a person who convinces themselves that there are “others” manipulating them is simple – schizophrenia. Cause and effect, anyone?

Lynn’s second problem should be obvious, but then it seems when people spend this much time trying to subjugate their original common sense nothing remains simple or obvious… She wrote a book that not only had the happy go lucky manifest the happy stuff but conversely claimed that anyone who experienced anything bad was “co-creating” it and to blame. So what happened to the guru herself when bad stuff started happening to her? Where could she put the huge burden of self-inflicted blame that she had created with her highly publicized philosophy? She couldn’t slough her misfortunes off to chance or tell herself or anyone around her that she was a good person who was experiencing one of the myriad random happenstances of life. No, she had to “admit” to herself and to everyone around her that she was the biggest failure of all. Try topping off your physical illness, which is already dragging your immune system down, with that kind of mental and emotional drain – that YOU yourself created with your self “help” feel good sell more books drivel.”

Please feel free to respond to this posting as you wish. MKM, I thank you for taking the time to express your views. Here are my final words on this topic for now:

I’m very happy that people are communicating through the blog and offering to help each other. Many of you have raised similar issues, so before I move off the subject of Lynn’s work for now, I thought it might be helpful to recap a few of my personal beliefs about making her philosophy work. I would urge anyone who’s serious about using what Lynn taught to consider the following:

Keep reading Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting until you’re confident that you really understand its relevance to your life and it has become like second nature to think that way.

Practice makes perfect, but if you practice diligently and Lynn’s philosophy doesn’t work, this may not be the right route for you to take.

Buy the follow up book, The Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting Playbook, in which Lynn took the concepts from Excuse Me and transformed them into a complete workbook for self-empowerment.

Don’t try to “escape” negative thoughts – it’s impossible. If someone says, “Don’t think of an elephant,” what’s the first thing you think of? If you try to block out negative thoughts that will be what you focus on. Just accept that they will arise and then use Lynn’s “flip” technique to turn them back into a positive thoughts.

Don’t eliminate any of your wants because they seem overwhelmingly large. Right now, they may be too big to achieve all at once, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work toward them one step at a time. The greatest truism ever stated is that every journey begins with the first step.

As for the last two books Lynn wrote, depicting her so-called “dark side,” I’m taking the coward’s way out. I’m just not ready to read them yet. I haven’t explored Excuse Me deeply enough to want a diversion into a new train of thought. When I’m ready, I’ll re-open this topic on the blog and be completely honest about my feelings about those final two books.

Please continue to communicate with each other about Lynn’s work and your feelings about her. I will post any comments that don’t offend. I thank you all for contributing to the dialogue about Lynn, who is someone I regard as a very important and influential author.

I wish you happiness and peace of mind.

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To Everyone Who Loves Lynn Grabhorn’s Work

I urge anyone who is interested in Lynn’s work to read the comments that people have been posting. Everyone has said something worthwhile and the postings by Moe Webster and Shelley Perham are particularly informative and insightful. I feel that Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting has created a community of kindred spirits, albeit informal and, as yet, unrecognized. I’m thinking about how best to develop something more cohesive from all the interest.

I’m grateful for all the contributions made and I look forward to a continuing dialogue about Lynn and her books.

Best wishes to you all.

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More On The Lynn Grabhorn Mystery

I recently received an email from Diana Huston, which I believe will be of interest to everyone who wonders what happened to Lynn Grabhorn toward the end of her life. Diana’s email doesn’t solve the mystery of Lynn’s sad demise, but it certainly sheds more light on her frame of mind and the way she was thinking. Here is Diana’s email.

“Hi John,

I read your post about Lynn Grabhorn where you mentioned that someone “out there” may know something they can share. So I decided to contact you and share what I know of her last months.

Out of curiosity I looked Lynn up on the internet. I don’t remember why I contacted her originally, but she sent me her phone number. Over a period of weeks, perhaps a couple of months, we conversed over the phone. She told me of events happening in her life, which eventually I knew threatened to take her life. I was helpless to reach out to her, because she believed that she was in touch with God (Abraham) and that His will for her was to make a heavenly home for her. She heard from Abraham daily.

I don’t believe she lost her sanity or was schizophrenic. Through my own experiences years ago, due to association through a cult religion, I believe that she was deluded by an invisible entity that was murderous in intent. At least that’s my take on the situation. He would tell her that she was having her body prepared to undergo higher vibrational shifts so that she could be a part of the new earth that was being birthed. That’s why she wrote her farewell letter in the tone that she did. She experienced horrific, violent pain on a basis that was continual and not subsiding. No doctor could tell her what it was or help her in any way. She did not have a disease, according to her. I myself experienced physical pain through interaction with invisible forces long ago; that’s why I believed her.

I tried to reason with her that no benevolent entity would put her through this. Nothing could dissuade her from her course. I knew, or at least felt, that a genuine shamanic healer could help her get rid of the entity that was torturing her. She tried to tell me that I was one of a special 100 that could join with these forces. With the help of a doctor in California who specializes in these sort of things, I myself eventually broke completely free from these influences and I knew that she could too with the right help.

I’m surprised that she lived as long as she did. I don’t think she committed suicide. I think the violent episodes eventually took their toll on her. She was never suicidal that I heard. She was just waiting for Abraham to take her and willing to endure the pain to get there. I’m sure that she felt that suicide would make her unfit for the heavenly roadmap that she was given.

Perhaps this will be helpful to you.

Sincerely Yours,
Diana Huston”

Thanks, Diana, for sharing that with us and providing more insight to what happened to Lynn.

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Lynn Grabhorn and The Law of Attraction

I came across a website recently that posed this question: “If millions of people are practicing the Law of Attraction, why is the economy in such bad shape?” The writer went on to say that the reason the Law of Attraction isn’t working is because it’s incomplete. He then criticized The Secret for telling only part of the story and, lo and behold, went into a sales pitch for an online course about what he calls “The 11 Forgotten Laws”.

This seems to be the new Internet marketing trend – saying that the Law of Attraction –doesn’t work unless you obey other laws that are either forgotten, or secret, or recently discovered under a bed in a Tibetan monastery perched in the clouds on top of a mountain.

I’ve seen other Internet marketers who take a similar approach. I’ve heard that there are seven universal laws, of which the Law of Attraction is but one. The others are the Laws of Prosperity, Consciousness, Expansion, Expectancy, Reflection, and Cause and Effect. In reality, these so-called laws are all subsets of the Law of Attraction and they represent all the things you have to do to attract whatever you want into your life. I guess we’ll see more of this kind of stuff as Internet marketers put their own spin on the Law of Attraction in order to mine people’s fascination with it.

No matter how much I read about LOA, I always come back to Lynn Grabhorn and Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. Lynn’s distillation of the attraction dynamic is still the one that works best for me. The key thing to remember is that LOA isn’t a wishing well. As I’ve said in previous posts, you have to put genuine passion, desire, and demonstrable intent out into the universe to trigger the Law of Attraction. And that’s what Lynn’s 30 day program helps you to do.

So my answer to the question about the economy is that people are putting out way too much fear, and too many thoughts about what they don’t want to happen as in, “I don’t want to lose my home, or my retirement savings.” Those fears are understandable in these times of media doom and gloom, sickening corporate greed, and partisan politicians using the economy as a political weapon. But as long as these negative thoughts are pouring out into the universe, the Law of Attraction will never come to the rescue of the economy. How about putting out some wants and visualizing how life will feel when they turn up? Here are just a few and I’m sure you can add to the list:

I want the president’s economic plan to work and for prosperity to return.

I want politicians to be non-partisan and help right the economy by working together.

I want house owners to stay in their homes and for the housing market to revive.

I want US car companies to recover, grow and thrive.

I want Bernie Madoff to rot in jail (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).

Catch you the next time.

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