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Self-Improvement eBooks by John Scriven



This entertaining and informative book features stories from the trenches about real people who faced real worries. By reading about how they dealt with their problems, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, and worry, this book will help you to overcome these crippling emotions by providing practical, proven techniques that alleviate the debilitating power of negative thought patterns.

John once had a long association with these conditions and he shares the solutions he discovered along the way. This is an opportunity to learn about techniques that have helped many people to overcome the afflictions of habitual stress, anxiety and worry.

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Boost Your Self Confidence By John ScrivenTo achieve high levels of self confidence, self belief and self esteem, you must first learn to live authentically and be true to who you are at your core: The real you. As long as you’re driven by the mistaken identities that other people want or need you to take on, your true abilities and talents will remain latent and you won’t flourish to the fullest extent possible. This book will enable you to avoid those pitfalls.

The 12 keys described in Boost Your Self Confidence will show you how to pursue realistic dreams, attain life goals you truly want to accomplish, organize your life to make every minute count, and achieve the personal growth and development that will improve your quality of  life and help you to become the fulfilled, successful person you were always meant to be.

With Boost Your Self Confidence John Scriven provides a set of life-changing tools consisting of practical, proven methods for personal growth, not just philosophical advice. He will show you 12 easy-to-use ways to reach the full potential you’ve always possessed.

Take the hard work out of growth and self development and learn how to boost your self confidence to new levels.

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EVERYDAY PEACE OF MIND by John ScrivenImagine how much easier life would be if you could relax at will and stay calm in stressful situations. Think how good you would feel if you could let go of emotional pain and bring peace and harmony into all of your relationships. This insightful book will show you how to do all that and more. 

The human mind can be a tumultuous, churning, generator of stress, which is usually the result of how we process events and relationships in our lives. Everyday Peace of Mind provides proven techniques that will help you to overcome stress and anxiety, and relax in any situation. Here are just some of the techniques you will find in this life-changing book: 

  • How to relate to other people’s view of reality and empathize with them.
  • What to do to stop clinging to dying relationships.
  • How to discern when love is real so that it becomes the universal cure for pain.
  • What to do to achieve the healing power of forgiveness.
  • How to avoid the destructive effects of unreal expectations.
  • How to use the soothing effects of yoga and meditation to bring peace, and induce calmness at will.
  • How to reduce stress through the use of imagination and relaxation exercises that can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • How to harness the powerful effects of mental detachment from troubling situations.
  • How to use a combination of mental and physical techniques to create harmony, tranquility and inner peace.

Don’t allow tension and stress to spoil your life. Peace of mind is vital to your well being. Let this book show you how to achieve it every day of your life. 

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Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts by John ScrivenHere’s a book that will show you how to eliminate negative thinking from your life! Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts characterizes destructive, limiting thoughts as Mind Gremlins. These mind-wrecking mischief-makers induce useless thoughts such as guilt, resentment, blame, anger, doubt, and fear. They encourage self-criticism, undermine your confidence and hold you back. 

Mind Gremlins sneak up on you when you’re trying to sleep, whisper in your mind in the small hours of the morning, and plague you throughout the day. When you’re in the present, they drag you back to the past, or blast you into a non-existent future. They ruin relationships, prevent you from following your dreams and restrict you to a fraction of your potential by keeping you bogged down in old, destructive thought patterns. 

With Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts, John Scriven has created a blueprint for changing the way you think with a series of simple techniques. This book is entertaining, and full of valuable insights. Take control of your life by silencing the constant clamor of restrictive thoughts that a negative inner dialogue creates. 

Life is too short to allow Mind Gremlins to prevent you from living it to the full. Give these saboteurs a radical makeover NOW and empower yourself with the confidence to create a life of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

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Business Help eBooks by John Scriven


12 Keys To Building A Successful Small Business By John Scriven

To Succeed in Business You Have to Know How to be Entrepreneurial. This Book Will Show You How.

The starting point for success in any kind of business is to think and act like a successful entrepreneur so that you emulate the qualities that have taken other business people to the top.

12 Keys To Building A Successful Small Business describes the traits, skills, characteristics, and attitudes that make entrepreneurs successful. Anyone with ambition and a passion for business can develop those traits and transform themselves into a successful business owner.

Some entrepreneurs are born, but most are self-made. This informative book takes a fresh look at the word ‘entrepreneur’ and gives it new and more powerful meaning. It identifies twelve key characteristics that you can adopt to develop your business acumen and achieve success.

Concisely written and straight to the point, 12 Keys To Building A Successful Small Business will give you the insights you need to become more entrepreneurial and build a profitable small business.

As well as showing you how to become more enterprising, this book provides a series of Makeover Action Plans that will help you to transform yourself and your business, even in tough economic times.

This book is a blueprint for aspiring business leaders and essential reading for anyone wanting to become an entrepreneurial business owner.

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Selling Made Simple by John Scriven Salespeople aren’t born – they’re self-made. And this book will help you to develop sales expertise no matter how little experience you have.

If you’re not an experienced salesperson and not used to being in sales situations, the task of selling to prospective customers can seem daunting. Don’t worry. Selling Made Simple will walk you through the process one step at a time. It will show you how to approach prospective customers and close sales.

So-called gurus in the sales training industry would have you believe that selling is a complex process. It isn’t. Selling Made Simple will provide you with a series of clear, concise steps for closing sales, whether you’re selling face-to-face, over the phone, or online.

Selling Made Simple shows you how to get yourself and your team members into a selling frame of mind.

It explains how to boost your reputation as an expert in your field of business.

It details the relationship between selling and customer service, and the vital role that listening plays in the sales process.

It provides an easy-to-execute five step process that will work for you in every sales situation.

It shows you how to apply this sales approach online, and connects you with four Internet marketing experts.

The full title says it all: Selling Made Simple: Easy-to-Use Techniques for Closing More Sales.