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John Scriven is an English author, scriptwriter, songwriter and video producer. He has many years of experience in corporate training, marketing, communications, and video production. After a stint in the London world of advertising, John joined the European affiliate of Exxon where he held a variety of management positions in marketing and communications. Frustrated with corporate life, John formed his own company, through which he wrote scripts, produced videos, and consulted as a training coach to some of the UK’s largest companies. In 1992, he sold his share of that company and came to live in America, where he continues to write and produce for all kinds of organizations. Over time, John realized that although he was successfully self-employed, he was not devoting enough time to his number one passion, which is writing self-help and business development books. Since that realization, John has authored a series of books that help people to become more fulfilled in their personal lives and more successful in their business endeavors. Through his creative writing skills, John has drawn on his wide-range of life experiences to write entertaining and informative books that provide creative solutions for a better quality of life.


I hope Oscar Wilde will forgive me from beyond the grave for borrowing his quote. For me, authenticity is one of the most important qualities or characteristics anyone can possess. Authenticity is easy to avoid, because you don’t have to … Continue reading

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I haven’t posted to this blog for a while, because in July, 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to become very glad that I’d written a book called Get … Continue reading

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Tales From Wurryland: How to Stop Worrying and go with Flow of Life

Worry and stress will drain your life force, erode your spirit and prevent you from reaching your full potential. Here’s a book that will inspire you to quit worrying and start living out loud. If you’re prone to worry, you’ll … Continue reading

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Building A Small Businesses

The corporate world no longer offers employment security or a guaranteed future, and downsizing has exacerbated the rampant unemployment affecting communities all across the country. A weak economy is showing no signs of an immediate recovery and the vast majority … Continue reading

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Lynn Grabhorn, the Law of Attraction and The Art of Manifestation

I have long thought that Wayne Dyer is the most authentic and insightful of all the contemporary spiritual teachers espousing metaphysical solutions to life’s problems. In a conversation with Oprah Winfrey on her TV network, he compares the Law of … Continue reading

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The Philosopher and The Worrywart: A Metaphor about Negative Thinking and its Damaging Effects

The following story is based on an old parable, which I have expanded to make a point about the damaging effects of negative thinking.  Two men are traveling to an adjacent town on business. One has a philosophical outlook on … Continue reading

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Lynn Grabhorn: A Possible Explanation

I recently received a very interesting email from Diana Huston, who has an idea about what happened to Lynn Grabhorn toward the end of her life. I’m publishing it below, unedited for content. Here it is: “I suspect that Lynn … Continue reading

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