Self Confidence and Belief Must Precede Methods and Techniques

Picture this: You’re walking through open countryside knowing the destination you want to reach and sure that you’re taking the best route to get there. Suddenly, you come across a creek that’s about three and a half, maybe four feet wide. Normally you wouldn’t have any trouble jumping across it, but due to heavy rain the creek has now become a raging torrent. You hesitate, wondering if you should chance the jump and risk falling in.

You look along the bank and see a man sitting at a desk on which sits a brass plaque bearing his name. He waves you over and says, “I’m a creek jumping expert. I can show you a foolproof method that will guarantee you can leap across that creek without falling in. Millions of people have used this method successfully and jumped fast-flowing creeks all over the world. My credentials are impeccable. I have letters after my name. I’m a DCJ, which stand for Doctor of Creek Jumping. For a modest sum of money, I’ll show you my method, which carries a money back guarantee.”

You want to get across the creek so you pay the man and he describes his method. You believe his credentials and the impressive testimonials he has from creek-jumpers all over the world, but you still can’t make the jump. Why not? Because you don’t have enough self-confidence to believe that you can make it across without falling in. So, despite having a proven, foolproof method at your disposal, you can’t continue your journey using that route.

There are men and women all over the world sitting behind desks telling you they have foolproof methods that will enable you to realize your dreams. But all the proven methods in the world will be useless to you unless you believe in yourself and have the self-confidence to act on that belief. If you’re in that situation, the only method that makes sense is one that helps you build unshakable self-confidence and rock-solid self-belief.

And that’s why I’ve written a book about… guess what… how to build confidence and self-belief. The urge to create such a book started when I discovered that the Law of Attraction didn’t always work for me, no matter how diligently I applied methods such as those Lynn Grabhorn advocates in her wonderful book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. I needed to find out why the LOA was only working spasmodically and I discovered that it never worked when I lacked the self-confidence to take the next big step needed to move me toward a particular goal.

So now I believe that confidence and self-belief have to come before methods and techniques. And here’s where I get hoisted on my own analogy – my book advocates a series of methods and techniques for acquiring confidence and self-belief. Ah, well… I never did claim to be perfect. Just click on the book to find out more.

Boost Your Self Confidence By John Scriven

About John Scriven

John Scriven is an English author, scriptwriter, songwriter and video producer. He has many years of experience in corporate training, marketing, communications, and video production. After a stint in the London world of advertising, John joined the European affiliate of Exxon where he held a variety of management positions in marketing and communications. Frustrated with corporate life, John formed his own company, through which he wrote scripts, produced videos, and consulted as a training coach to some of the UK’s largest companies. In 1992, he sold his share of that company and came to live in America, where he continues to write and produce for all kinds of organizations. Over time, John realized that although he was successfully self-employed, he was not devoting enough time to his number one passion, which is writing self-help and business development books. Since that realization, John has authored a series of books that help people to become more fulfilled in their personal lives and more successful in their business endeavors. Through his creative writing skills, John has drawn on his wide-range of life experiences to write entertaining and informative books that provide creative solutions for a better quality of life.
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2 Responses to Self Confidence and Belief Must Precede Methods and Techniques

  1. Glen Colton says:

    John! This was a delightful surprise – no jive. I simply did not know about any of your specific books and found this website from your latest FB posting. Man, nobody tells me nuthin!

    P.S. I see the conundrum in your latest post regarding this book: Ya gots ta have self confidence before anyone’s teachings can move you forward, but what if that which you seek is greater self-confidence? Eeeesh!


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