More On The Lynn Grabhorn Mystery

I recently received an email from Diana Huston, which I believe will be of interest to everyone who wonders what happened to Lynn Grabhorn toward the end of her life. Diana’s email doesn’t solve the mystery of Lynn’s sad demise, but it certainly sheds more light on her frame of mind and the way she was thinking. Here is Diana’s email.

“Hi John,

I read your post about Lynn Grabhorn where you mentioned that someone “out there” may know something they can share. So I decided to contact you and share what I know of her last months.

Out of curiosity I looked Lynn up on the internet. I don’t remember why I contacted her originally, but she sent me her phone number. Over a period of weeks, perhaps a couple of months, we conversed over the phone. She told me of events happening in her life, which eventually I knew threatened to take her life. I was helpless to reach out to her, because she believed that she was in touch with God (Abraham) and that His will for her was to make a heavenly home for her. She heard from Abraham daily.

I don’t believe she lost her sanity or was schizophrenic. Through my own experiences years ago, due to association through a cult religion, I believe that she was deluded by an invisible entity that was murderous in intent. At least that’s my take on the situation. He would tell her that she was having her body prepared to undergo higher vibrational shifts so that she could be a part of the new earth that was being birthed. That’s why she wrote her farewell letter in the tone that she did. She experienced horrific, violent pain on a basis that was continual and not subsiding. No doctor could tell her what it was or help her in any way. She did not have a disease, according to her. I myself experienced physical pain through interaction with invisible forces long ago; that’s why I believed her.

I tried to reason with her that no benevolent entity would put her through this. Nothing could dissuade her from her course. I knew, or at least felt, that a genuine shamanic healer could help her get rid of the entity that was torturing her. She tried to tell me that I was one of a special 100 that could join with these forces. With the help of a doctor in California who specializes in these sort of things, I myself eventually broke completely free from these influences and I knew that she could too with the right help.

I’m surprised that she lived as long as she did. I don’t think she committed suicide. I think the violent episodes eventually took their toll on her. She was never suicidal that I heard. She was just waiting for Abraham to take her and willing to endure the pain to get there. I’m sure that she felt that suicide would make her unfit for the heavenly roadmap that she was given.

Perhaps this will be helpful to you.

Sincerely Yours,
Diana Huston”

Thanks, Diana, for sharing that with us and providing more insight to what happened to Lynn.

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53 Responses to More On The Lynn Grabhorn Mystery

  1. Heidi says:

    Susie please give us a link to your blog? I would also like to connect with others on this path


  2. The ‘law’ (sic) of attraction is (in my humble opinion) the biggest lie that has ever been perpetrated. I say this for the following reasons:

    1) It places ALL blame (not responsibility) onto people for any and all crimes and/or sickness that happen in their lives. It re-victimizes people who have been victims of horrific crimes, placing the onus 100% on the victims for whatever happened to them. Six million Jews, gas, raped, tortured…They attracted this to themselves. All the genocides, rapes, murders, tortures that have ever occurred to INNOCENT people…They attracted this to themselves. So let me ask this…How did 3,000 innocent civilians attract two airplanes to crash into a building and kill them? How does a innocent baby, who has NO way of thinking/visualizing etc. attract evil to them? Well? How does a innocent baby/child attract a car crash? Cancer? Fire? Hurricane? Tornado? Think about it…Duh.

    2) The ‘law’ (sic) of attraction is an inherently selfish theory/belief. It is all about attracting riches etc. for oneself. What about attracting world peace? Or attracting food for everyone? Or attracting truth, understanding, love? But no, it is about attracting money, and fancy cars etc. for ones own selfish self. The career one wants. The house one wants. Etc. There is nothing wrong with having a positive career, a nice house etc., but, EVERYONE deserves these things.

    3) It is extremely vain and egotistical. It places people above the Creator, who created all things. It denies the reality that there are outside influences that do have a certain degree of bearing on one’s daily decisions and choices in life. That is why Judges take into account ‘mitigating factors’ before passing sentences etc.

    4) Above all it is a complete and total nonsense. A utterly erroneous theory/belief that is so far removed from reality, those who genuinely believe in it and practice it, are, in my humble opinion, living in cuckoo-land with the fairies. To say one can ‘attract’ anything one wants in their life is utterly delusion. Yes, one can focus/visualize on a specific goal then work hard toward the achievement of it, but, there are many factors (external and internal) that will determine if it comes to pass or not.

    5) Lynn Grabhorns’s own tragic end dispels the utter myth of this absurd belief. Here was a beautiful, warm, spiritually aware woman who believed wholeheartedly in the ‘law’ of attraction, yet it totally failed her by allowing her to die an extremely painful and prolonged death. I mean to say, surely, if this absurd theory were true, she would have attracted a painless, peaceful death? Doesn’t that make sense?


    • robert johnson says:

      In the time frame in which I last posted to this website, I have done a great deal of on line research as well as book reading. I have come to the conclusion that Lynn Grabhorn met with foul play. Before you say, ‘NO WAY’, I would ask you to do your own research by visiting David Wilcock’s website, Divine Be prepared to do a lot of reading, because what he presents will go a long way in convincing you that it is indeed possible. I recommend reading the ‘Financial Tyranny’ sections as this will give you the greatest insight into what I’m referring to. A lot of what he presents will be shocking to you, but this is ,I feel, is as close to the truth as you will get. He presents a vast amount of documents, video links, as well as links to other websites to back up all his material.


    • Luzius Elmer says:

      Very intelligent analysis. Sincerely your arguments are logic. But, nevertheless, we have with our will to think in a positive way the chance to improve our life not in materialistic but in in psychic conditions for getting better health and happyness. I am from the German speaking part of Europe and we have an old idiom: “Gleiches gesellt sich zu Gleichem” or Similar attracts Similar, which is in other words expressed the same as the law of attraction. I thank you for your helpful analysis.


  3. Jessi Albright says:

    Was just getting read “Excuse Me…” for the umteenth time, and BAM i finally learned that Lynn has passed on. I searched for her on Facebook, then Bing, and landed here eventually. Going to read it one more time, sending prayers for her. She helped my life more than any other, and for that i am eternally grateful.


  4. Julia Rowe says:

    I feel like I have been touched by an Angel. So very sad to hear of her passing but to have made such a positive impression on so many people during her life is a massive accomplishment. RIP Lynn XXX


  5. britt says:

    Hi John,

    I’m a big fan of Lynn. She’s too good to be true. When did she pass away?
    What a wonderful person!



  6. Taylore says:

    I read Lynn’s book a while back and today we were rearranging our “Law of Attraction” books and getting all the new Global Information Network study material together on the book case. GIN is a membership club. Of course, we were happy to find the book and I Googled to find out what happened to Lynn since I live just a little south of Olympia, Washington.

    Thanks for all the information shared by all here. Several of the comments hit home with us. Both my husband and I had Lyme disease for about 10 years. We found that we could kill the spirochetes with MMS or as now called – water purification drops. Found here:

    We are still studying — how to manifest, create abundance — and we’ve done quite well by attracting a 22 acre energy healing center in Washington and having a Reiki training school. We are the founders of Laser Reiki which is very useful in removing negative energy, entities, demons, ghosts, etc. We also teach these energy clearing techniques.


  7. bob j. says:

    to john,and any one else who cares: one possible explanation for the identity for lynn’s ” the others”, you might find from zecharia sitchin, the renowned scholar who wrote the ” earth chronicles” series about the sumerian civilization and their involvment with the “creator gods”. if you read only one of them, then i would recommend the first one entitled, the 12th planet. another source for those who don’t have the time or inclination to read sitchin books, would be the excellent history channel’s “ancient alien” series, which can be owned on dvd thru, or if you don’t like to order online,then you can order thru any of the barnes and nobles or borders books stores, which , by the way, stocks sitchins books.


  8. Suzen says:

    I hadn’t heard of Lynn until I picked up “Excuse Me, Your Life is NOW” by Doreen Banaszak. I just finished the book and she had included the last post from Lynn detailing how she was leaving to join the other light workers to a higher place so I was intrigued to continue my research and stumbled upon this site. I run a website dedicated to helping others BE Happy. I don’t know what exactly happened with Lynn (seems a mystery still) but I do know that these principles work and they are powerful.


  9. centaurman says:

    I just found this out, this is simply amazing to me.

    Have been reading Lynn’s Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting, and it looks like she is coming from “Abrahams-Hicks” line of teaching, in fact, I was going to contact Lynn because of the help I am getting.

    But for someone to purposely go in the direction of neglect / darkness, either nutritionally or spiritually just to be with “Abraham” is ridiculous. I find it impossible for Hicks to advocate this in the slightest. For someone to die, by definitions means they are cutting off Source, God, Life. Makes no sense at all.

    I have followed Abraham-Hicks for many years now.

    I find it totally unbelievable, that the “Abraham” of Jerry and Esther Hicks “guided” her out of life or away from this life, because Jerry and Esther Hicks / Abrham

    Any teaching or spirit that does this by definition is not of life and to be ignored


  10. artdecoach says:

    I have her book in my bag, I read it many times.
    Today, I try to change ma professionnal life, and I think about her every day.
    excuse for my english, I’m frensh.
    I read and understand but write is difficult.


  11. MM says:

    I think Lyn sadly had undiagnosed Lyme disease which can cause a host of strange symptoms including rage & pain. It goes undiagnosed often due to purposely misleading CDC guidelines. The leading cause of death with Lyme disease is suicide.


  12. Kimber says:

    I loved Lyn Grabhorn and Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting is an all time favorite of mine as one of the most powerful books I have ever read! I have it on tape and cd too, that is how much I enjoy it.

    I have also read Dear God What Is Happening To Us. If one has not heard of the concept of, as Lynn calls them, The Others, she is sure to sound crazy. However, what she speaks of is NOT new. Check out David Ike, for one.

    As for the last book of her trilogy, Earth 2, I don’t recall the name for certain, I have read it as well. Although I don’t agree with everything she says, her concepts are not foriegn to me either. If someone was interested in understanding more they could reasearch Ascension, 5th Dimension, Earth Changes, Lightworkers, etc. And Lyn, was a Lightworker, a very brave and courageous soul. Not crazy. But to each their own, their own beliefs and opinons….I am just touched to find so many who truly loved Lynn. In our missing her, we are all united, even if we don’t align with all of her writings.




  13. Mike says:

    I have only briefly looked at some of the literature of Lynn Grabhorn, and have had many similar experiences. I also have a condition of health that is seemingly based on something non psychological and non medical. It is totally energetic and is like anti-reiki, attacking whatever part of the body it’s felt at. And it moves from region to region. I’ve used positive feelings, visualizations of light, constant relocation, and yogic hymns to survive it, but it has only been coped with so far.

    I had also discovered how evoking feelings could create things in the 80’s and 90’s, but only used it in a non-specific way to uplift myself, noticing there would be an improvement after a few weeks. This condition of energy makes it near impossible to generate desired feelings, unless I do Vedic hymns to cut through it. I don’t know if Lynn’s cosmology is correct.

    I’ve gone to 2 forensic psychologists, 5 different shamans, many yoga programs, and have had blood work. Several healers have tried in vain to remove it, but no luck so far.

    I have had dreams of men clad in black , almost like from an old orthodox religion (not like modern “men in black”), mixing toxic brew. But don’t know what it actually means.

    I’ve considered the Atharva Veda for treatment. I have a masters in psychology too and an undergraduate in engineering so I’m empirical about the condition. Unlike Lynn, I’ve had it many years and kundalini energy has protected me from having it get lethal.


    • Terri Brower says:

      Mike: I believe you have more than one entity intrusion. I suggest that you look up Joao de Deus, or John of God & go to BZ, if possible. If not, he goes to downstate NY @ Omega the end of Sept now for 4 d. Or @ the least find someone who does lower frequency energetic removals. A graduate of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, would be one source. That is a graduate of their advanced 3 y program. Good luck. Terri


      • Mike…you might want to contact someone who does “soul clearings”. Originally taught by Anne Brewer it removes dark entities and any other kind of attachments. I have seen it perform miracles. Just google “soul clearings” and it should come up. There are only a handful of people doing this work now because of the amount of energy and time it takes to do the actual clearing. I used to do them and find it draining. Good luck to you and don’t give up on finding a cure for your attachments. A different Terri


  14. Lydi owen says:

    I, too, am saddened by Lynn’s passing. Her book has been very inspirational to me. I feel like she’s a dear friend and I never met her. She inspired me to become more optimistic in how to get my own message (about better birthing) out there by focusing on the people I wish to reach, instead of just focusing on the criticism I might receive by telling the truth, as I see it.
    Thanks Lynn!


  15. Susanna says:

    Hello John,

    Thought this link might be helpful to those who would like to know more about Lynn Grabhorn and her journey from “Excuse Me” to her other more disturbing books.

    Please listen to the whole 9 minutes if you choose to check it out:

    Blessings :)


  16. John Scriven says:

    Hi Clare,
    As far as I’m aware I don’t know Diane Huston. I suggest you try Google or social media sites like Facebook to trace her. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  17. fanny says:

    bonjour, je viens de lire le livre de Lynn et je découvre avec horreur qu’elle n’est plus. Je pense à elle et je vous lis malgré tout avec bonheur car vous continuez à la faire vivre et lire.
    bien à vous.


  18. Andy says:

    I am also trying to figure out how to get the results I want by thinking and feeling positive. Can I join someones group.


  19. laura says:

    I had the weirdest dream that there is another world, I know there has to be something more, the world was for people who wanted to escape the negativity of this world and creat the world we want.


  20. Sam says:

    I just finished her book. I am a “Abe” believer and found it difficult to believe she would have killed herself. I also found it quite annoying that no-one has come forth with an actual explanation of what really happened. So with that said I did some digging, I found her old amazon account and saw she has 3 books on her wish list. 2 of them titled “Hypoglycemia : a better approach” by Paavo O. Airola. I am a nurse and I am aware of what Hypoglycemia can do to a person if left untreated. This definitely sheds some light on why she seemed so “off the wall” towards the end.


    • John Scriven says:

      Thanks for your comments. If you feel like sharing, I’d be interested to hear how Hypoglycemia might have affected the direction Lynn’s thinking took toward the end of her life.


      • Sam says:

        Good morning John,
        Here is a pasted response. If the amount of glucose supplied by the blood falls, the brain is one of the first organs affected. In most people, subtle reduction of mental efficiency can be observed when the glucose falls below 65 mg/dl (3.6 mM). Impairment of action and judgment usually becomes obvious below 40 mg/dl (2.2 mM).

        Brief or mild hypoglycemia produces no lasting effects on the brain, though it can temporarily alter brain responses to additional hypoglycemia.

        Prolonged, severe hypoglycemia can produce lasting damage of a wide range. This can include impairment of cognitive function, motor control, or even consciousness. The likelihood of permanent brain damage from any given instance of severe hypoglycemia is difficult to estimate, and depends on a multitude of factors such as age, recent blood and brain glucose experience, concurrent problems such as hypoxia, and availability of alternative fuels.

        Neuroglycopenic manifestations (Many of these describe Lynn at the end)

        * Abnormal mentation, impaired judgment
        * Nonspecific dysphoria, anxiety, moodiness, depression, crying
        * Negativism, irritability, belligerence, combativeness, rage
        * Personality change, emotional lability
        * Fatigue, weakness, apathy, lethargy, daydreaming, sleep
        * Confusion, amnesia, dizziness, delirium
        * Staring, “glassy” look, blurred vision, double vision
        * Automatic behavior, also known as automatism
        * Difficulty speaking, slurred speech
        * Ataxia, incoordination, sometimes mistaken for “drunkenness”
        * Focal or general motor deficit, paralysis, hemiparesis
        * Paresthesia, headache
        * Stupor, coma, abnormal breathing
        * Generalized or focal seizures


        • quietlistener says:

          As someone who’s been dealing with Hypoglycemia for about 23 years, I recognize the listed symptoms of severe and neglected Hypoglycemia. I agree that it could be part of what was wrong, but it’s my understanding that she also dealt with a huge amount of agonizing pain as well. I don’t see that this could be blamed on Hypoglycemia and also think that it would be something that a doctor would find and diagnose. I’m not in any way saying that your theory might not be valid, but it seems to me that there was much more going on and we may never know quite what it was.

          Having just gone through one of the worst years of my life, I am now re-reading the book (for the 4th time) and making an effort to find my way back to the principles that have proven themselves over and over. I will survive because of Lynn’s book.

          Thank you, John, for ‘keeping Lynn alive’ through this blog site for all of us who loved her.


          • Sam says:

            I’m glad to hear you are re-reading her book, I think it is an amazing book and my efforts to explain her behavior towards the end of her life are mostly in order to preserve the credibility of “Excuse me…).

            It all depends on the doctor and the severity of the condition. You are right in that we will never know for sure, but drawing my conclusions on logic and science, I believe she was ill diagnosed and one problem may have caused multiple others. Lynn did not die young. Doctors (unfortunately) over look many things in older individuals… This is a sad fact in our medical system.


            • quietlistener says:

              Acutuallly, I agree with you Sam. And not only older people either. My 31 year old son is disabled due to being Bi-Polar, ADD, OCD, and somewhat Agorophobic. He is unable to hold a job or have any semblance of a ‘normal’ life. He has been on many medications and combinations of medications. Doctors don’t seem to know what to do to help him. Of course we don’t have money so he has to go through Medicare/Medicaid so that makes a difference in the care he gets. The only thing that has ever helped him is when we read Lynn’s Excuse Me book together and worked on applying the principles in our lives. The turn-around was amazing to see. Unfortunately, the last year and a half of my life has been rather horrendous and I allowed it to pull me down. As I went down so did he and so we’re starting over.

              Lynn probably didn’t get the care or attention she needed and may have, like many of us, not known where or how to get it.

              So, as I said, I do agree with your comment above.


      • Sam says:

        I would also like to add, that Lynn was not speaking of Abraham as in Abraham of the Bible. She was speaking of Abraham as the non-physical (universe). She was a follower of Abraham hicks Teachings. As am I. That is what Excuse me was based on. There is nothing about Planet two or 2012 or anything else I have read about what she was writing.

        On top of any medical condition she might have had lets not forget the many mental disorders that are mis-diagnosed everyday. If you see a general practitioner for a psychological problem good luck getting what you need.

        My point is, consider the source of where you are getting your information.. don’t believe everything you read. Do your own research.. realize that many people who follow these beliefs are people who tend to self diagnose and maybe aren’t the best avenue for information.

        I myself believe in the power of vibrations and positive thinking. What makes me different is that regardless if I am a firm believe in a author, speaker.. whatever, if they start to go off the wall I am aware of it and won’t believe it just because everything they said up until now seemed pretty good. Question everything. You have nothing to lose.


        • quietlistener says:

          Absolutely. I have purchased and passed Lynn’s books on to a number of people and each time I have said, “I don’t agree with everything she says, but the principles of the power of the energy and thoughts we send out and what comes back to us are sound and have changed my life.”

          I tend to look at things pretty carefully and rarely jump in with both feet until I’ve checked the water.

          There is nothing more important than listening to your spirit. Questioning is good. Blind following is not.

          Thank you for all your insightful and carefully thought out responses.


      • brad says:

        What we put out universe will return when it’s meant to.For three years lynn wanted out she came good but it was to late.
        As the saying goes be careful for what you wish for.
        I just wonder if it was not a form of cancer that was lynn’s out.
        Some of us see and see for a reason. Some of us do not see and that is for reason.
        Sometimes it’s not about being of the wall.
        As some of us just know a little more.


  21. Laura says:

    Wow, there really are no coincidences, are there? Well, anyone willing to mentor me via email I’d greatly appreciate. I’ve read Lynn’s book 6 or more times – you glean more each time – and I also have read many of the Abraham books, Deepak Chopra (about LOA), Wayne Dyer, Ernest Holmes and more. The things I’d like to go over with someone is getting my physical energy up, staying focused on joy in the midst of contrast (I have a 5 yr.old boy and a 10 year old boy that have caused my valve to shut). Any help would be lovely!


  22. Kathie says:

    I too am now reading Lynn Grabhorns book “Excuse me your life is waiting”. I have read and listened to many authors including Abraham, Rhonda Byrne, Charles Haanel,Michael Bernard Beckwith, etc. What a lot of people are not realizing is that these are all off-shoots of Religious Science. Read the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes and you will see the basis of all of these books. These books are all “continuing education” of Religous Science, but what everyone needs to remember and perhaps Lynn forgot, is that God is working through us to bring about abundant living. Do not forgot about the Infinite One Power and you will find what you are looking for. You will manifest what you want, every time. I’m living proof of it.

    We are not human beings who are spiritual, we are spiritual beings who are human.


  23. Penny says:

    Hello Diana Huston! Would you be willing to talk to me by phone? I am looking for help with the deep swings of energy and pain I’ve been experiencing. I would like additional information about the doctor in California you worked in hopes he/she might be able to help me. Warmly, Penny


  24. Sara Brooks says:

    Hi there, John S…..Thanks for sharing This Letter….I Have, and Am, Benefiting from Lynns Work. I mean, She also Cares (cared) a lot about People, and wanted to Help so Much, ans She Did. From Her Book, I understood —That She wasn’t a Vegeterian……..And so I understood, That She Dosn’t know about the Karma of That……The Highest Souls Here, from Past @ Present…Explain The Law of Karma — ( As One Saws, so One reaps)….My Guru Is Very Clear About It, and If One searches The Subject —They ( The Holy People) Were such. I’m Gratefull for Her Contribution. As we know…..In The Realm of The Mind,..Mislidinness Can Happen without The Protection of a very High Beeing….and Maybe It happened to Her at The End……May God Bless Her. Thanks a lot.


  25. Anita Rudman says:

    Dear John

    I intended to contact Lynn to ask permission and for the logistics related to qualifiying to speak on “her version” of findings and bringing it to South Africa.

    As you had, I also received Lynn’s yellow book as a gift; I have read Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting four times and recovered from illness within two months (this year 2009). Having been on a spiritual journey for five years, it was her simplicity and humour that opened my world to change my condition and also my path.

    I most sincerely wish to share her book via public work and speaking / teaching exposure and would like to know if possible which route to follow in this regard. I read on your site; a lady on your end of the world is starting a teaching of Lynn’s Excuse Me work for a sporting programme. Would anyone then be able to teach her work, are there not rights reserved involved? Having read the bloggs and what happened to her, is in my opinion more a reason to carry her work of light hearted brilliance accross the world.

    Maybe that is what should be done with her work, as you say with all the interest… All the way in SA, I may have more than 30 people reading this book and each one of those people has taken my recommendation much further, everyone loves it. The coaching of others is a step I would be more than honoured to take and cannot imagine anything more rewarding than giving a gift to groups not individuals.

    I would appreciate your lead or further information.

    Thank you,
    Warm Regards


    • John Scriven says:

      Hi Anita,
      Thanks for your contribution. I’ve tried without success to find out who owns the copyright to Lynn’s work – I probably need to dig deeper. The only product I’ve seen out there based on her work is an online course put together by her publishing company, Hampton Roads. Here’s a link to it:

      They have an affiliate program, which may help you.

      Lynn herself may already have answered your question. In one of her final postings somewhere on the Internet (I don’t know where) she apparently wrote this:

      “Frankly, I’m excited about where I’m going, and what’s coming down for all of us. Yes, both hard times and great times are coming, but I beg you, STAY with the principles of “Excuse Me…” Teach those principles in seminars, workshops, books, speaking engagements, and one-one-. That is more important than I could ever put into words.

      Let people know of the steps in “Dear God…”, so critically important to every individual. And then get them into the fun and excitement of “Planet Two.” Teach! Spread the word! Make it UN-woo-woo, and totally down to earth.”

      If that is authentic (and I have no reason to believe it isn’t) it sounds to me that Lynn wanted people to spread the word about her work. Maybe you should just go ahead and see what happens. As long as you give credit and don’t plagiarize any of her work as if it’s your own, or infringe her copyright, I don’t see why there should a problem.

      Hope that helps. All the best.


      • Anita Rudman says:

        Hello John

        Thank you very much! I will look into the site course first and definately follow the your advise. Rather exciting acctually..

        Thank you for the gift, shall download pdf soon.

        Warmest Regards,
        Take good care


    • theworldwithin says:

      Hello all,

      I am blessed at this time to be writing in conjunction with everyone who is so vehemently raising their vibrations into this new world we are “creating” with our feelings, thoughts, emotions, and actions.

      I sincerely hope that anyone who may question the final days of Lynn may do well to think back in your mind and think of times in which you were “alone” and had no friend or confidant who was dealing with the same scenarios and feeling you were experiencing. I am not writing this to step on toes or make anyone upset just simply an opinion held dearly by my own beliefs. I truly feel that by focusing any energy on what may have led to Lynn’s demise takes away from the very mission she set out to accomplish. Worrying about what may happen to us if we step fully into this path or questioning what may have been negatively influencing her during her times of need.

      We have a duty to commit to the work Lynn has set forth and to remove ourselves from the negative emotions that this sort of inquiry may bring. Negative forces with do whatever they can and may to taint anything positively created here in the physical. I sincerely hope that we can all take the world of Lynn and move forward. Focus all your energy on working side by side with Lynn from us in the physical and Lynn in the etherial. I truly believe she is working with several hundreds of thousands of individuals on the planet to get where were going. I feel that reading, teaching, coaching from here entire body of work is emperiive.

      Excuse me, Your Life Is Waiting

      Beyond The Twelve Steps (underread but profound)

      The Excuse Me, Playbook
      (a workbook to solidify the concepts in Excuse me and Beyond the Twelve Steps)

      Dear God, What’s Happening to us

      and finally Planet Two

      all of these books with serve to benefit each and everyone of us.

      In Love and Light,


  26. tas2 says:

    Hi susiegoo I feel the same. In fact I did the same as you: read the book, was inspired, looked up the website, decided it was fake and ended up here…. feeling pretty shocked. If the letter above is correct then I find that disturbing.

    BTW I am further surprised by Lynn’s ‘connection’ with ‘God’ or rather, religion…. in her book she seems to have a very down to earth attitude towards it.

    Very strange indeed…. oh well, the book was great.

    Take care,



  27. quietlistener says:

    Lynn Grabhorn’s Excuse Me book changed my life completely. Her principles sound simplistic but are not. It’s amazing to see, once you start paying attention, how accustomed we are to being negative. It’s not easy to change that but it CAN be done! I loved that she always said it’s okay to fall sometimes and not to judge yourself for it but to just get yourself back on track as soon as you can.

    I, too, was devastated to find that she had moved on. Like so many whose lives were changed by her books, I felt that she was a friend and to find her gone from this earth was a real emotional thing for me.

    Like everyone else, I have wondered what happened. But, you know, the fact is….she has gone on to the next thing and the wonderful truths that she taught live on here in the hearts of the Seekers.

    No one has “all” the Truth. Not even Lynn. But she shared the Truth she was given and it has changed lives for the better. That tells me that the one she received these truths from was not a malevolent Being.

    I will continue to reach and be thankful that she set my feet on a healthy productive path.

    She was an amazing woman.


    • John Scriven says:

      Quietlistener (that’s an intriguing name)

      Thank you for a very positive and encouraging contribution. I’m sure your observations about Lynn and her work speak for a lot of people.

      Stay in touch,


  28. Lisa says:

    Susiegoo, I totally agree. I have read her book twice (just started reading it again) and I am surprised that she has passed on especially in the way that was suggested from the letter above. I do feel a little let down in a way but, it sounds silly, I talk to her. I never knew her but I talk to her and I ask for her guidance. I’m going through some tough stuff right now in my life (In a job I hate, overweight, in debt and in a very emotionally draining relationship) and her book brought me such comfort and happiness and joy. I wanted to write her an email but then I found out that she had passed on.


    • shelley Perham says:

      Lisa, why not email me. I have practised lyn’s book and am now preparing to start teaching the theory to sporting competitors. The theory worked for me and it is still working. I pretty much have gone thru the same things you are going thru, infact when I was introduced to Lyn’s book it was during a time when I was thinking of leaving my marriage. You can change things but you have to focus on one ‘tangiable’ thing at a time. Happy to help.


      • John Scriven says:

        Thanks for that kind offer, Shelley. It’s good to see people offering to help each other to get back on track with Lynn’s philosophies.


      • Lisa says:


        Sorry so long for responding. Would you mind if I emailed you? I guess right now I’m in need of guidance and I am feeling quite lost. Please let me know if the offer is still open?




      • Evie says:

        Hi Shelly, I’ve been reading the book for last 2 years. On and off. I’m still trying to figure out how it works. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it seems I reached a roadblock. But i’ve seen how amazing results can be when it works. I need some guidance and hope someone here, if Shelly does not reply me, can guide me.


      • jane says:

        Shelley , just reading this thread. I would like to contact you for help. How do I do so?


  29. susiegoo says:

    I am just a bit thrown. I was trying to find Lynn’s website and was perplexed at the page that came up. I have landed here after discovering a link to the fact that Lynn has passed away and was trying to find some obituary about the why and the when. How strange is the world of coincidence. I am almost through reading her Excuse me book and have found it so inspirational that I have spread the word. Now I am saddened to find she has passed away, it’s almost as though a light has gone out.

    The book has opened up such possibilities. Even though I am just a bit sceptical, I have tried to follow the principles and have been surprised at just how energising the result is. I’m a long way from being firmly on the path but if I can swing around to being more positive just by changing my thinking, I am willing to believe on that level at least.

    What’s more, having landed on this page, I have gone on to start a blog, an idea that had been buzzing around for quite a time has now been liberated, a first step on the path methinks. I just need to think about the content. I feel sure it will come.

    It is surprising that there isn’t more information about Lynn’s demise, I think she has a big following and that there would be more to find out somewhere.


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