Lynn Grabhorn and The Law of Attraction

I came across a website recently that posed this question: “If millions of people are practicing the Law of Attraction, why is the economy in such bad shape?” The writer went on to say that the reason the Law of Attraction isn’t working is because it’s incomplete. He then criticized The Secret for telling only part of the story and, lo and behold, went into a sales pitch for an online course about what he calls “The 11 Forgotten Laws”.

This seems to be the new Internet marketing trend – saying that the Law of Attraction –doesn’t work unless you obey other laws that are either forgotten, or secret, or recently discovered under a bed in a Tibetan monastery perched in the clouds on top of a mountain.

I’ve seen other Internet marketers who take a similar approach. I’ve heard that there are seven universal laws, of which the Law of Attraction is but one. The others are the Laws of Prosperity, Consciousness, Expansion, Expectancy, Reflection, and Cause and Effect. In reality, these so-called laws are all subsets of the Law of Attraction and they represent all the things you have to do to attract whatever you want into your life. I guess we’ll see more of this kind of stuff as Internet marketers put their own spin on the Law of Attraction in order to mine people’s fascination with it.

No matter how much I read about LOA, I always come back to Lynn Grabhorn and Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. Lynn’s distillation of the attraction dynamic is still the one that works best for me. The key thing to remember is that LOA isn’t a wishing well. As I’ve said in previous posts, you have to put genuine passion, desire, and demonstrable intent out into the universe to trigger the Law of Attraction. And that’s what Lynn’s 30 day program helps you to do.

So my answer to the question about the economy is that people are putting out way too much fear, and too many thoughts about what they don’t want to happen as in, “I don’t want to lose my home, or my retirement savings.” Those fears are understandable in these times of media doom and gloom, sickening corporate greed, and partisan politicians using the economy as a political weapon. But as long as these negative thoughts are pouring out into the universe, the Law of Attraction will never come to the rescue of the economy. How about putting out some wants and visualizing how life will feel when they turn up? Here are just a few and I’m sure you can add to the list:

I want the president’s economic plan to work and for prosperity to return.

I want politicians to be non-partisan and help right the economy by working together.

I want house owners to stay in their homes and for the housing market to revive.

I want US car companies to recover, grow and thrive.

I want Bernie Madoff to rot in jail (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).

Catch you the next time.

About John Scriven

John Scriven is an English author, scriptwriter, songwriter and video producer. He has many years of experience in corporate training, marketing, communications, and video production. After a stint in the London world of advertising, John joined the European affiliate of Exxon where he held a variety of management positions in marketing and communications. Frustrated with corporate life, John formed his own company, through which he wrote scripts, produced videos, and consulted as a training coach to some of the UK’s largest companies. In 1992, he sold his share of that company and came to live in America, where he continues to write and produce for all kinds of organizations. Over time, John realized that although he was successfully self-employed, he was not devoting enough time to his number one passion, which is writing self-help and business development books. Since that realization, John has authored a series of books that help people to become more fulfilled in their personal lives and more successful in their business endeavors. Through his creative writing skills, John has drawn on his wide-range of life experiences to write entertaining and informative books that provide creative solutions for a better quality of life.
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One Response to Lynn Grabhorn and The Law of Attraction

  1. Sandy Keefe says:

    Thank you for your sane words regarding the Law of Attraction. I’ve been a fan of Lynn Grabhorn’s for the past 3 years, and using her method was able to create some wonderful changes in my life. But it does take work and focus and concentration. No matter what the circumstances of her passing she has gifted us with an honest to God methodology that works.


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