Connecting to the Law of Attraction

Desire and intent are two powerful connectors to the Law of Attraction and both can be manifested by using affirmations. These are positive statements that work on the premise that you become what you think, and they project your desires out to the energy flow of the Universe through frequent repetition.

By affirming your desire and your intent over and over again, you turn yourself into a magnet that attracts the metaphysical and material things you want in your life. This affirming process works because repetition focuses your thoughts and infuses you with the power to affect the events that occur in your life. You then attract to yourself the things that you want.

Affirmations will work better if you observe a couple of ground rules. First, you should overcome any guilt feelings you might have about asking forcefully for the things you want in life. The Universe doesn’t judge your desires, it simply applies the Law of Attraction and provides what you focus on. But you need to be careful, because this automatic, non-judgmental process can be a double edged sword. If you focus mainly on what you don’t want, even subconsciously, the Universe will bring more of that into your life. The Law of Attraction works in a negative as well as a positive way, which is why negative thinking is so damaging.

For that reason, it’s important to affirm for something, not against its opposite. For example, if you want to increase your income, don’t affirm that you want to get out of debt. That puts your focus on what you owe credit card companies and/or greedy banks. What will show up in your life is more debt, because that’s what you put your attention on.

Some people contend that you should always put your affirmations in the present tense, as if what you’re visualizing is already here. I understand that premise, but I don’t buy into it. I don’t believe the Universe recognizes the future. In the universal energy flow, everything happens in the now and there is no other dimension. The Universe will set the manifestation process in motion right here and right now whether you affirm in the present tense or the future tense. The really important thing is to affirm with passion and absolute conviction. The Universe doesn’t appear to recognize wishy-washy affirmations.

Tricky stuff, this Law of Attraction, ain’t it? And not quite as easy as we’d like it to be.

You can buy books that give you affirmations to work with, but you should always affirm what you want in your own words. It’s important to use words that feel right to you and that make you feel comfortable about what you’re saying.

Affirmations will set the attraction process in motion, but demonstrating intent will kick it into high gear. To do that, you need to take whatever action will strengthen your affirmations. Here’s a ridiculously simple example: It’s useless to affirm a windfall on the lottery if you buy only one ticket a year and sit around hoping to win that one time. Unless you buy tickets regularly, you’ll be indulging only in fantasy or a daydream and not expressing intent with sufficient emphasis.

Another useful technique is to devise affirmations with a rhythm that matches whatever exercise you’re taking. For example, if you’re walking, repeat your affirmations to the rhythm of your breathing, or in time with your stride. The same thing works for other solo forms of exercise such as jogging, cycling or swimming. Form your words, find your rhythm and feel the flow of energy.

When you use affirmations at other times, start by breathing deeply for a while and releasing any tension you have in any part of your body. Suspend any trace of doubt present in your mind. Visualize yourself living the affirmation so that you’re feeling exactly what it will be like when you the object of your desire shows up in your life. Feel it deeply and joyfully, and repeat the affirmation over and over again. Even a thousand times is not too many repetitions.

It’s advisable to begin with things that are relatively easy to manifest, or to change. When you begin to see a difference in the small things, you will build the confidence to tackle the bigger issues in your life, as you shed any fear or doubt that’s been holding you back.

So that’s the attraction process: Express your desire with passion, demonstrate intent by taking action to move you toward your goal and leave the rest to the Law of Attraction.

About John Scriven

John Scriven is an English author, scriptwriter, songwriter and video producer. He has many years of experience in corporate training, marketing, communications, and video production. After a stint in the London world of advertising, John joined the European affiliate of Exxon where he held a variety of management positions in marketing and communications. Frustrated with corporate life, John formed his own company, through which he wrote scripts, produced videos, and consulted as a training coach to some of the UK’s largest companies. In 1992, he sold his share of that company and came to live in America, where he continues to write and produce for all kinds of organizations. Over time, John realized that although he was successfully self-employed, he was not devoting enough time to his number one passion, which is writing self-help and business development books. Since that realization, John has authored a series of books that help people to become more fulfilled in their personal lives and more successful in their business endeavors. Through his creative writing skills, John has drawn on his wide-range of life experiences to write entertaining and informative books that provide creative solutions for a better quality of life.
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