Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

No one can give a definitive, provable answer to that question. To do so would be like claiming to have irrefutable, scientific proof that God exists. Although no one has proof one way or the other, you’ll find no support for the Law of Attraction in the scientific community. Many scientists refute it completely, while others refer to it as “pseudo-science.” Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a rat’s posterior for that opinion, because I’m aware that scientific communities in the past clung to the belief that the world was flat and that the sun revolved around it.

The only credible way to answer the question is from the point of view of personal experiences, beliefs and, perhaps most importantly of all, faith. So I will now attempt to explain my beliefs about the Law of Attraction using what can only be described as pidgin quantum physics.

The Law of Attraction works because of the expansive make up of the Universe we inhabit, but I believe that there are certain things you have to do to trigger the attraction process. I’ll get to those things in part two of this blog entry. But first, here’s an explanation of how the attraction process works that I find plausible.

Everything inside and outside of us is energy in one form or another, including the things that we see as solid. That’s why we’re connected to the energy force that moves the planets and makes the whole amazing Universe work. The speed at which any given part of that energy force vibrates, determines what kind of entity or object it will create. Speed of vibration also decides the density that the object will possess. Matter is a thicker, denser form of energy. It varies in pliability from wet clay, which is pliable, to a rock, which is dense (especially if you’re between it and a hard place). By contrast, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are finer, less dense, and more changeable forms of energy.

Within the vibrating flow of energy to which we are connected, two universal laws apply:

(1) Energies of the same quality and vibration attract each other.
(2) Manifestation of form always follows thought.

The Universe is expansive by nature, so if you connect to the energy flow with powerful thoughts about the things you want, those things will expand in your life. Conversely, if you connect with equally strong thoughts about what you don’t want, more of that will show up in your life.

This process happens because every action we take is preceded by a thought, which means that we visualize and create things in our minds before we manifest them in form. Michelangelo was widely quoted as saying that the statue of David was already inside the block of marble and all he did was to liberate it. I have no idea if the great man really said that, but it makes a terrific quote. A more plausible way of explaining this phenomenon is to say that the sculptor first saw the statue in his imaginative thoughts and then manifested it with a hammer and a chisel.

There are two emotions you have to invest in the Law of Attraction before it will work for you: Desire and intent. Just sitting around wishing for things won’t trigger the attraction process. Merely wishing for something is too feeble an act to affect the universal energy flow. Your desire for something has to be expressed with passion, ardor and intense focus. You must show intent by taking whatever action is necessary to move you toward your desires. Put more plainly, you must want something bad enough for the Law of Attraction to manifest it, and you must focus on that thing to the exclusion of all negative thoughts about what you don’t want in your life.

In part two, Connecting to the Law of Attraction, I write about specific ways to connect with the Law of Attraction.

About John Scriven

John Scriven is an English author, scriptwriter, songwriter and video producer. He has many years of experience in corporate training, marketing, communications, and video production. After a stint in the London world of advertising, John joined the European affiliate of Exxon where he held a variety of management positions in marketing and communications. Frustrated with corporate life, John formed his own company, through which he wrote scripts, produced videos, and consulted as a training coach to some of the UK’s largest companies. In 1992, he sold his share of that company and came to live in America, where he continues to write and produce for all kinds of organizations. Over time, John realized that although he was successfully self-employed, he was not devoting enough time to his number one passion, which is writing self-help and business development books. Since that realization, John has authored a series of books that help people to become more fulfilled in their personal lives and more successful in their business endeavors. Through his creative writing skills, John has drawn on his wide-range of life experiences to write entertaining and informative books that provide creative solutions for a better quality of life.
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