The Lynn Grabhorn Mystery

Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting by Lynn GrabhornIn many respects, 2008 has been a strange year for me, so it’s appropriate that it should close with a mystery. There are people out there to whom Lynn Grabhorn’s death is not a mystery, but they’re remaining silent, at least as far as the Internet is concerned. Let me explain.

A few years ago a friend gave me a book called Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, which has the subtitle, the astonishing power of feelings. It was written by Lynn Grabhorn. On this, the final day of the year, I woke up at around 5:00 AM feeling concerned about money. (Who isn’t these days)? When my inner worrywart shows up, I often reach for Lynn’s book. There’s something reassuring about her contention that we can manifest anything we want in our lives through the Law of Attraction. Many people have written about the LOA, which is something you either believe in or dismiss as hokum. I’ve always liked the idea and have chosen to believe in it.

Lynn Grabhorn believed that we can attract whatever we want, not by thinking about it, but by getting deep into how it would actually feel to have it. We are all a form of energy that connects us to the universe. When we experience positive feelings, we vibrate at a high frequency level, as opposed to a low frequency level which is negative. We then send out electromagnetic waves that connect with like waves of energy and come back to us. In other words, we become walking magnets. So, if we focus on what we want, instead of dwelling on what we don’t want, we’ll attract those wants into our lives. Unfortunately, it works the same way with things we don’t want.

Although I loved Lynn’s book, I had never bothered to find out anything about her life or to read anything else she’d written. I immediately began to feel better after reading the book again. So much better that I decided to go to her website and find out more about her. When I typed her URL into my browser, the site that came up surprised me. I was at, but it seemed to be some kind of psychic site that provided links to lots of other websites, spiritual and non-spiritual. I checked out the site and followed links to various blogs and discovered that Lynn had died in 2004 in her early seventies. Not only that, but there were persistent rumors that she had died through an assisted suicide.

I immediately began to research Lynn’s death, but could find very few hard facts about it. More than one blogger maintained that she had cancer and had flown to Europe, probably Holland, where Dutch doctors assisted her suicide. I was shocked and I’m ashamed to say that my first thought was that her death called her work into question. How could I share her beliefs about attracting good things into your life if she died a painful death or committed suicide? Then I dug further and found that all references to her death that emanated from Olympia, WA, where she lived, maintained that she died in her home from an unnamed illness. Another website opined that she had a painful disease that doctors couldn’t diagnose properly. Some said it showed the same symptoms as diabetes, but that she didn’t have that particular disease. Most people seem to believe it was cancer.

I also discovered that Lynn had written other books. Her first was published back in 1999 and was called Beyond the Twelve Steps, so it seems as if she may have had problems with alcohol. After Excuse Me and the Playbook that followed it, Lynn published two more books. The first was called Dear God! What’s Happening to Us? Not an encouraging title for someone impressed by her humorous, upbeat writing style in Excuse Me. Reader reviews on Amazon all agreed on one thing: This was the dark side of Lynn Grabhorn. I haven’t yet read the book, so I can’t comment objectively.

The last book was called Planet Two: Earth in a Higher Dimension…Are You Ready? Again, I haven’t read this book, but I gather that Lynn believed that heaven is actually a duplicate Earth on a higher dimension, where we get to choose exactly how we live. Neither of these two books sound like they were written by the breezy, irreverent author who wrote the book thousands of people have found so enlightening.

There have been allegations that Lynn plagiarized the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks, who have written extensively about the Law of Attraction. I choose not to see Lynn’s interpretations as plagiarism. In her introduction to the book, she openly acknowledges the Hicks’ work. She writes, “… in my own prosaic words and style I’ve reissued here the profoundly simple teachings from the Hicks family in Texas, spiced it with my own angles and buzzwords, my own observations and experiences over the past years, and blended it together with my years of study.” That doesn’t sound like a plagiarist to me.

So here’s the mystery: What happened to Lynn that made her turn to her darker side and develop beliefs that even she admitted sounded crazy? And how and where did she die? Someone out there knows the answers to those questions and I hope to hear from them one day.

Did Lynn’s death invalidate her work? In my opinion, absolutely not.  Although I believe passionately in everything I’ve written, there are times when I still struggle to apply all the content of my books to my own life. It’s like a doctor who treats patients with tobacco related illnesses, but still smokes a pack of cigarettes a day himself. Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting has helped thousands of people to improve their lives and I believe it shouldn’t be devalued by what subsequently happened to the author. I urge you to check out this fascinating book and make up your own minds.

About John Scriven

John Scriven is an English author, scriptwriter, songwriter and video producer. He has many years of experience in corporate training, marketing, communications, and video production. After a stint in the London world of advertising, John joined the European affiliate of Exxon where he held a variety of management positions in marketing and communications. Frustrated with corporate life, John formed his own company, through which he wrote scripts, produced videos, and consulted as a training coach to some of the UK’s largest companies. In 1992, he sold his share of that company and came to live in America, where he continues to write and produce for all kinds of organizations. Over time, John realized that although he was successfully self-employed, he was not devoting enough time to his number one passion, which is writing self-help and business development books. Since that realization, John has authored a series of books that help people to become more fulfilled in their personal lives and more successful in their business endeavors. Through his creative writing skills, John has drawn on his wide-range of life experiences to write entertaining and informative books that provide creative solutions for a better quality of life.
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  1. Esther says:

    I have read her book and shared it and plan to get another copy, to read again!
    I believe she lived near Olympia in Lacey,Washington. I was saddened to hear she had passed (this has been many years ago.)


  2. Molly LaPonsa says:



  3. E and L says:

    Though I still know incredibly little about the mysteries and powers of this world, I do say that I have begun to slowly tear apart the cobwebs to the real truth.
    There are multiple factors, I believe.. one super important part here is your “biofield”. In simple terms it is the aura you produce. You can do some google research on it. Extraordinarily interesting! There are things that clutter your biofield, those things, as cliched and ordinary it sounds, are alcohol, cigarettes, unclean diet with lots of meat, processed foods, absence of real earth food like fruits and vegetables. Diet plays a gigantic role here.

    The next one is something many people have walked past by. People who influence us! Our parents, friends, colleagues and also relationships. Practically all of us know about energy vampires and toxic/negative individuals. Many of us dismiss the importance of sincerely having to block yourself from their unhealthy energetic pathways. Alcohol, cigarettes and a bad diet blocks your intuitive abilities by a large margin, that is when you stop being able to distinguish between good and bad. Your mind might really trick you by searching for good qualities in some important person in your life while your gut/heart feeling is simultaneously and peculiarly “off”. I talk from a personal experience where being in a relationship with such a person almost destroyed my life and ultimately myself.

    Your biofield is also the result of your thoughts. I have discovered that religions like christianity and buddhism, as much as atheists and others would like to fight back, open many windows to the real truth. The seven deadly sins are real and there is absolutely NO avoiding the fact that they destroy your biofield more than anything else. That is simply the law of this universe.

    Your subconscious is a powerful machine, it believes anything you tell it. That is where real manifestation comes from. You might want to attract something but it will never come because you have incorrect programs instilled in your subconscious mind. Your conscious is the captain, your subconscious is your lovely crew (the one that makes all happen). Before redecorating your house and making it look sparkling and awesome, you have to wipe out all the dirt, old furniture etc. Same with mind, remove all wanted inner and talk and beliefs. Then you can start working on a clean platform.

    One more thing, always help others along the way during your growth and personal endeavors because what you give, comes back. Once, twice, thricefold I don’t know, but it does! Also, being happy never comes from external factors, it is something you have already in abundance with yourself, perhaps this is all what achieving nirvana is about.

    I wish all of you guys the best, please spread this information and do your research on biofields!


  4. Michael says:

    Ms Hicks became a channel after she found out the authentic channel Jane Roberts had died. Jane Roberts channeled the Seth material which is what Ms Hicks material is. Ms Hicks was an avid student of Seths material…. and saw an opportunity and took it to so call channel the same material with her husband being the great promoter he was saw the $$$. Lynn Grabhorn took conventional wisdom and made it understandable to use…she stole nothing.

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  5. Walt says:

    The “Excuse Me —” book in audio is very nice.
    In no way does a death, however endured, negate
    someone’s life work. I’ve known a handful of great
    achievers who all had dark, doubtful days before
    their demise. It happens to everyone? Maybe. Don’t
    allow details of someone’s death to cloud your good
    judgement about their works.

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    • Brenda says:

      Why do we use the word “judgement” on others if we don’t like what they say, insisting they’re judging others — while we go right ahead and make negative statements against others also — but in that case, it must be “wisdom” and not “judgement.” The “judgement” about her death making her methods questionable is no more a judgement than the “judgement” that her death makes no difference in whether her methods are valid or not. Both are just opinions. It could be Lynn was 97% on to something, but missed 3% of it — and if we question and search and aren’t afraid to use our brains instead of blindly, obediently believing without question, something very positive, such as the discovery of the missing 3%, could be revealed.

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    • jcraten2016 says:

      Walt – –
      Just came across your 2 year old comment today and it stopped me in my tracks. This is a profound, yet seriously important simple statement that too often is not brought into the light of reason enough. No matter who it is, one’s death (no matter what form or shape it takes) has absolutely nothing to do with whatever contribution they have made to humanity. These are two very separate, non-connected life events. The messages/teachings/etc. left behind are emphatically NOT diminished one IOTA…..period.


  6. Yo says:

    Excuse Me … book is best I’ve read in it’s field. So simple! I get jazzed up and visualise. Changed my life!! At time of writing this even Jerry Hicks has died of cancer but he lived a joy filled, incredible life. That’s what these books do for us. And Lynne has made it so simple! Forever in her debt.


  7. Marjorie says:

    Someone in an Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting facebook group said they were the one who found Lynn after she commited suicide. They posted a statement Lynn posted not wanting people to cry over her death.


    • chadwick rogers says:

      lynn is awesome. i would have loved the chance to have coffee & wine chats with her … what a wonderful spirit. so grateful for her and yes, she was a tad bit bat-shit crazy which only makes me love &
      cherish her more.


  8. Tracy says:


    I can’t find the book Unlock The Real You that you mention in one of the posts on your blog. Please comment.



    • John Scriven says:

      In reading through my blog, I came across this comment from a while back. My blog has gone through some changes, and so have my books. I’ve written some new books and updated some of the old ones. Recently, we’ve been formatting my books for Amazon Kindle. More books will be added, so check back often. Click here for my books: If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app for your PC, Phone or Tablet here:


      • Dear John, I am an English Psychic Medium and i have just come back from Canada where i was visiting family. My cousin took me to a book fair where i found Lyn’s book, ‘Excuse me’ I thought it was excellent and obviously i have always believed in Law of Attraction’ but only up to a point. I had a N.D.E. in 2005 which is when my ‘Gift’ as it were came pouring out, which was a huge surprise to me as i didn’t really believe in anything like that before….What ‘Spirit’ have shown me is that we are here to learn set lessons that were pre-determined before we returned to the earth plane, but its HOW we deal with those learning’s that combine with the L>O>A. Like does definitely attract like and if you are in a negative mindset constantly then you are only going to attract the same. However, our time on the earth plane is set (In the main) and when it is our time to die no amount of positive thinking will stop that as that is in our Blueprint. I think Lyn’s death in her early 70’s which is not very old by today’s standards, proves that very clearly. Also in Lyn’s book she says that people who come together for mass death i.e. Plane crashes etc, all bring it on themselves, so that would mean that the 3000 plus people that were killed in 9 / 11 were ALL negative people that brought it on themselves? No I am sorry but that is impossible….Some would have ignored their ‘gut’ instinct and been in the wrong place at the wrong time, others would have been brought together because it was their ‘time’ and the man who rode the tower down as it was collapsing which from the outside would have seemed impossible, survived because it was NOT his time. Just the same as the guy in Australia who’s parachute did not open and he fell 3000 feet from an aeroplane and landed in a bush and broke his ankle ONLY!!!!! I do not understand all of it, and never will until we pass over ourselves. Love & Blessings. Judith Hindle

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  9. fællesparti says:

    I like your site, good and informative.


  10. scott says:

    I too thought the book Excuse Me was absolutely great, but in my experience, it lacked one crucial element: FEELING negative thoughts and emotions rather than just switching them over or off. I’ve found that feeling my negative stuff (yes, including the feeling energy behind a negative thought) deepens my breathing, helps me relax, places me in the role of observer (rather than represser or expresser), and makes it much, much easier to THEN switch into the positive vibrations of which Lynn speaks. Yes, the process does not feel paricularly good – diving into the darkness, so to speak, (it can get downright ugly in there), but it works for me. I call this process transmutation of the negative, and I’m sure I didn’t invent it, nor am I the first one to use it, but like I said, for me it works.

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    • Brenda says:

      Scott, I sort of know what you mean about transmutation of the negative, but I need to read more, I do believe this is a more effective way of dealing with negativity for myself. Is there any website or book you recommend that explains it more, not the theory, but examples of how to, such as “thanking the feeling, or breathing into it,” etc.


    • CYL says:

      I totally agree with what you say Scott. Ignoring the feeling only allows it to grow.


    • Ronald says:

      Hi Scott. This is an old post, but nevertheless I wanna comment on what you’re saying, because the Internet (more specifically ‘Google’) brought me here and other people might still read this one day. The ‘technique’ of diving into negative thoughts/feelings, resulting in finding out that you are actually the observer, not the observed (or both?), is something that was taught by J. Krishnamurti; he wrote many books, which you can also find through Google search and there’s a lot of video’s about him on youtube (like this one, on fear:



  11. ursula says:

    All the comments left on this web site have been so great to read…..I don’t feel that Lynne plagiarised the LOA material from Hicks, this material is so prolific/common, it’s everywhere and you could say Hicks plagiarised ( Jane Roberts) Seth, it’s so much the same, and anybody investigating their own spiritual advancement finds the notion that ” we create our own reality” literally as your first port of call……………living that, now the fun begins……if you really believe you create your own reality it changes EVERYTHING and everything has to be re-assessed…how much of our world become redundant once you know ” I am creating it all” ….and…..we do have to BE what our intention seeks to take us to, and it’s common sense that if up until this moment you have created lack of funds, difficulty in your relationships or health problems, there is a part of you creating that….when you DECIDE to use the LOA and practise techniques of using your emotions to elicit feelings that will magnetize your desires.

    Yes it will happen and in many cases, obviously not in Shelley’s case…….the scenario may be created, sorry will be created but then afterwards the aspect of self connected to the old reality….the one you’ve just left will rise to the surface to be addressed, dealt with…Faced, Embraced, Accepted and Released…..unless you have done heaps of deep inner diving and excavating into your underlying energetic make up and psyche……once you understand WHY you decided to be poor, sick or alone you can then change the choice and embody your new reality as a sabotage free permanent fixture…..

    .I actually believe that the teachings of The Secret have mobilised deeper unresolved energies in people en masse like rage, anger, deep underlying fury….partly too because she used anger as a hook in…that all this material was a secret…it isn’t and never was….this information has always been available to anyone willing to stop and observe and wonder and notice how things happen……….I think it’s partly what’s causing the weather turbulance and natural disturbances…..just as pollution is toxic emotions undealt with………don’t forget…if you suddenly realise that “you create your own reality”……..deep down inside there is a part of you furious that you’ve lived perhaps 100 lives as a slave/victim being controlled, what happens to that energy….it has to be moved, shifted, processed…..the earth is shaking and people on the planet are wake up to the extent to which we have been programmed and violated, exploited and used
    ( but remember we created it, allowed it) …we’ve been disempowered by wrong teachings….

    Lynne’s teachings I believe were powerful and wonderful..she just hadn’t yet figured out the next step!! But I am sure she’s working on it now!!

    Dealing with the aftermatch of positive striving is very do-able….necessary and absolutely essential. It is the healing of our wounded selves, set free by the new possibilities we are all facing and discovering/uncovering…..and yes once you use LOA to create a new world for yourself, if it’s merely spiritual materialism then you are up for a rough ride….it’s tough to escape your old misery and then have powerful disenfranchising feelings emerge and have to steel yourself to go “back there” to investigate the nature of the energy, it’s a hard ask but essential if a stiff and hard fall is to be avoided!!

    Good News is the more you do it the easier it gets. You can steel yourself and with advance knowledge of the avalanche of contrary feelings coming you can stand apart as the silent witness and as a detective would do, investigate the details of your memories about choosing to be small to make others feel good, pleasing to avoid lack of love, seeking attention with sickness to get love etc etc!! …..Aaaah I don’t need to do that anymore but I understand why I did…..I forgive myself, I am sorry I did that…..I am thankful I see the way out and I love myself!!

    It’s a tricky thing to develop the ability to be so engaged, enthusiastic and joyful, vibrate and project powerful feelings of appreciation to attract you intention…..I think intending is a good way to approach your desires, as good as setting it as a memory…intention as in, you’ve bought a plane ticket and you intend to fly etc…and then flip into the silent witness of non attachment as the down side turns up….it’s all choice.

    By the way I have never been able to digest Eckhart Tolle’s teachings…I remember reading in his first book how he was at the point of desperation and ready to end it all and asked for it to all be removed……so it was..KAPOW……and he was left sitting in Nirvana….blank slate…. that to me feels like a massive case of denial and peace born of ….WTF happened…….nothing dealt with or integrated to suck the juice out of it and grow wisdom…….lost me right at the first page and his voice says it all …for me anyway!!

    Thankyou to everyone who has posted, lovely powerful stuff. Ursula


  12. Sheri says:

    I am a member of Assn. for Research & Enlightenment, and have been for 17 years. My “Search for God” study group is currently reading Lynn Grabhorn’s “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting”, and we agree that it is one of the best books we have ever read. We don’t all purchase every book we choose to study, but share the books & pass them around to take turns reading aloud at our meetings. We then agree to use the week between meetings to contemplate or experiment with one of the concepts we learn from our weekly readings.

    I loved what Lynn said, and decided to purchase an audio version of this book for myself so I could make better use of my time while commuting, watching my grandkids, or just resting. At the same time I also purchased the book ” Dear God, What’s Happening To Us”, and couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

    The dark times Lynn describes in her life seem to take place while she is using her “Swinger”, to channel information from her guides. One of the first things I was ever told about opening yourselves to the “unseen forces” is that you must ALWAYS begin with a prayer to drape yourself in the “white light of God’s protection”, and ask to be kept away from, and protected from spirit’s who are not of the “light”, or “Others” that Lynn refers to them as. (How many times have you read or heard of the danger of the Ouija Board). You become a “beacon” to any spirit that wants to play, unless you have a “security guard” of pure light at the door.

    Lynn learned this the hard way. But in the end, I believe no matter how she crossed over, she ascended to “Planet Two”, and is now living fully and happily, surrounded with the love and light she spent her life on this planet searching for.

    Thank you for opening the subject for comments.


  13. Frank R. says:

    I happened to know Lynn Grabhorn personally. My mother and her boyfriend were tenants of Lynn’s. When I was 14 in late 1991 and early 1992, I stayed at her home for a few weeks.
    Lynn was a very intelligent, generous, and optimistic person. She was a dog lover and she owed 2 precious canines; Jingles a female Springer Spaniel, and Lucy, an old, black, graying, stray mutt who Lynn had rescued. Lynn also had a tenant in her backyard cottage named Eleanor (aunt of actress Emma Thompson!) I had just seen the movie ‘Dead, Again’, and I was so fascinated by the photos of Emma Thompson and her husband Kenneth Branagh throughout the walls of Eleanor’s cottage.
    Lynn’s backyard had a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier, and that was concealed by enormous clouds of mist most mornings. During the winter, it would get dark so early in Olympia, Washington. By 4 pm the sky was black.
    Lynn was an avid follower of the popular mystics in the Pacific Northwest, like J.Z. Knight, and the Paladians. One mystic, with whom Lynn was well aquainted was a woman named Didi, who channeled an entity named Rajni. Lynn accompanied my mom, her boyfriend, my brother, my sister an I to Didi’s home for a New Year’s Eve Party. Didi channeled Rajni that night, and I was so amazed to witness the transformation in personality that occurred in this woman’s mind and body.
    I want everyone to be aware that Lynn was a good, wholesome person. However it was that she died, it was her time to die—cosmically speaking. I believe that Lynn got more life out of her days than most people do. Lynn is now aligned with the cosmos and no doubt traveling amongst like-minded people and frequencies.


    • Mary Ellen Godfrey says:

      My comment is just that pain is the other side of Ecstasy , I Know that in her “God what’s)” book she did mention that she finally believed that her pain was to hold some kind of balance which I have heard before, of saints who live in pain for the “sins” if you may or “ignorances” of the masses to postpone negative karma on the planet. In my own personal view – because I have undiagnosed pain, there is something there and very loving and healing in both of her books. As well i think she fulfilled her karmic obligations and , I think that she did ascend. I invite you all to check out Elisabeth Claire prophet teachings on you tube. Her view of religion that is a collected awareness, from all truths.She has also channeled many of the masters and her work in an accomplishment nothing less than a miracle in this lifetime. She got early onset Alzheimer’s at age 54 (Around there ,I wont quote). Many of her children and people really judged her for that and were wanting there own glory by rebuking her teachings as false. It is not up to any of us to judge. ECP is a part of the I Am movement ” and I have had plenty of glimpses into heaven and the masters- even consciously being in the etheric. So since the teaching my teaching are about the I am way, If your path inst working for you your I am presence knows it’s way . i dont think either of these women doubted the reality of this right up to their last battles. Allot of karma that should have already returned is being held back by the individual energy, which seems to have gloriously assisted these woman to their Ascension. i am so amazed at the devout followers who actually have turned against another Chela of Gods. They need to point the finger back at themselves! We all have our own path and battles.


  14. Lin Church says:

    I came to this site [no accidents, no coincidences] because I wanted to have some data to give to folks {clients} about Lynn and her works. I am a life coach, formerly psych/mental health and addictions counselor… who decided to “get a life….preferrably my own.” As a life coach, I have advocated her earlier works, for folks: both ‘Excuse Me…’ for “normies” (and those who have embraced a 12-step program will understand that phrase), AND ‘Beyond the 12 Steps..’ for folks who have been in a recovery journey utilizing the 12-step philosophy and found, after a few years, that their cups were not-quite-full.

    I heard of Lynn’s transition several years ago, offered up blessings to her at that time, yet chose to forego investigating the whys/hows/wherefores as I believe that information would have no true impact of the artistry of these writings. For me, just like the paintings of VanGogh retain their beauty and magic; the writings of Hemmingway their texture and visuality’ the music of Mozart – its depth and majesty; and the humor and encouragement and sometimes in-the-face writings of Lynn – each had a gift to share.

    And yet, history loves telling the ‘tortured stories of the artistic soul.’ So…. So what?! Lynn advocated the removal of Self from the chaos and drama. Chaos and drama is negative energy. So is the bugaboo from artistic historians. SO is the role of “puritanical voyeurism” which I feel most the western world enjoys the heck out of, AS IT HAS BEEN CONDITIONED TO. The let’s-peek-in-the-window…giggle, giggle…and then point fingers and shout shame-shame-on-you mentality.

    One of the gifts of a 12-step philosophy is for an individual to stop focusing “out there,” stop blaming others, recognize resentments, take one’s OWN inventory, make amends, focus on forgiveness of Self and others, and live in gratitude. Novel concept! Lynn readily acknowledge her past history with and within 12-step. She also had the courage to say OUT LOUD, ya-know,-it’s-just-not-quite-enough. Thus ‘Beyond…’ was born. I thank her for the tenacity, the courage, and the wisdom to write that book.

    I believe that LOA works. I’ve studied some of the complex trail of HOW it works. I realize that I still have a phenomenal journey ahead of me to move deeper than the tip of this ‘iceburg.’ I’ve seen (multiple times) the film the ‘Secret’ – which I request the folks I coach to watch. I consider the ‘Secret’ a visual gateway “for the masses.” I’ve seen (again, multiple times) ‘The Bleep’ which I consider the stage-two focus which marries the science of quantum physics to explain, simplistically, why the LOA in fact works. Here too, I request the folks I coach watch this, after seeing the ‘Secret.’ ‘Down the Rabbit Hole,’ the expaned version of ‘The Bleep’ explains even more. Those folks who want ‘more’…eagerly and hungrily…watch this one too. They find beautiful correlations between what Lynn teaches, her way, with these films. (Those forehead-slapper moments of “Oh!! That’s why it works!” NOW I understand more!!!)

    If you find that there is an absense of Spirituality within LOA – then I strongly suggest you re-read and rewatch. One of the basic components of the ‘Secret’ was Charles Haanal’s “The Master Key System” originally published in 1912. (Re-published after the phenomenal success of the ‘Secret’) It’s pure LOA… AND pure spirituality. The connection with Universal and Source by whatever name you choose to use.

    Neville’s [1905-1972] ‘Your Faith is Your Fortune’ was published in 1942. Another LOA primer. As are his other writings.

    Lynn, just like Esther and Jerry, are messengers. Just like Neville, and Haanal, and Ernest Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Troward, Louise Hay, Jach Purcell and Lazaris, Plato, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and John Scriven. We are surrounded by teachers – they have been among us for centuries. Each century, thankfully, continues giving out the message to those who wish to search/discover/find it. YOU are a teacher…each and every time you pass on a book, affirm another person, practice these principles.

    Please embrace your Self, stay conscious of the effects of negativity and negative energies [including your OWN], including focusing on the gifts received from Lynn’s works – as well as all the others – and become Large, as is your birthright. Smallness of mind includes turning one’s attention to the hows/whys/ain’t-it-awfuls of Lynn’s (or anyone else’s passing.)

    We ALL die – at some point in our journey on this planet, this time/this space – we all shall transition. Of ‘something.’ And….?? So what? Is not the point of being ‘here’ to find one’s passion and one’s purpose? To help another along the way? To practice kindness and celebrate this magnificent opportunity we each have? To GIVE OUR GIFT….just as Lynn did. I thank her.

    And I thank you for being a light force in this journey.

    Namaste’. Lin


  15. Ana says:

    I’m not quite sure how I stumbled onto this site. Periodically, I look for information about Lynn as it made me so sad to hear of her stuggles in her latter years. Like many, I question how she was not able to stay in her principles when she first was diagnosed. Why did she not, with great emotion, picture herself beating the disease, seeing herself healthy, having the doctor telling her she was healed? Why was she not able to manifest this when she had so many obstacles in her life she overcame by using these principles? It did make me feel taken back and discouraged. However, her teachings made me take a look deeply within myself and ask myself what part I played in my misery. Along with the teachings by Carolyn Myss, I have come to realize how I play the sabeteour time and time again.

    I start to use the principles of LOA, identify, visualize, putting emotion and then let go of the outcome. I reinforce it by doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), to stay focused and strong. But, I have come to realize just how powerful my subconscious is to manifest roadblocks to my success, especially if it has anything to do with trying to achieve something deep in my heart, I don’t believe I deserve. This holds primarily true in the area of relationships. On a conscious level i hurt so deeply for everything I have been through and have such a intense desire to find a kindred spirit to share my remaining years. I try LOA, and find myself instead manifesting what on the outside looks like what I am needing, only to turn out to be exactly similar to the past: more pain. I know the part I play in this, but I find myself unable to fight my subconscious, shadow side that sabatoges my happiness and remanifest very similar scenarios that can only end in misery. Why? I have no idea. I wish I knew. Whenever I try to use LOA, and Lynn’s procedures, it starts to work, but quickly one roadblock after another hits until I find myself mired in so much “muck”, that I can’t stay focused on the positive. I believe I have become my own worst enemy, but I don’t know how to stop. Any suggestions would be appreciated. How do I stay focused when bad things keep happening, even when I practice the steps to the tee? I start out right, put emotion behind it, then let go of the outcome. I practice visualizations, EFT, affirmations, stay positive. Only, to have one thing after another go wrong.

    Thank you for any suggestions.



    • beth says:

      If you really want a boost in self-help, I suggest going straight to the cream of the crop and reading , starts with the book Anastasia which on finishing, you will feel your self changed and you will understand why no other books have helped. Hope this helps


    • Eric Best says:

      “I believe I have become my own worst enemy, but I don’t know how to stop. Any suggestions would be appreciated.”
      Believe instead that you are your own best friend, and then be your own best friend.
      That is my counsel to you. You know what friends do for their friends. Do that for yourself. Be the voice in your own head that loves you, wants the best for you, knows the truth, and won’t let you get any with bullshit. Love thyself and to thine own self be true. You can if you only will.
      Eric Best (author of “Into My Father’s Wake” 2010)


  16. Steve says:

    I just finished the cd “Excuse Me” and was so inspired with new hope, I sent Lynn a thank you e-mail, later to be told by a friend thats she’s passed on, shame, thats the familys business though, she helped me and i’m simply grateful, Thank you Lynn R.I.P God bless.


  17. Len says:

    I too read her first book; “excuse me..” but I read it as a result of first reading The Abraham Hicks books. I find very little mention of Abraham and that body of work here which is rather sad because just about everything in the above mentioned book is copied material from the Hicks.

    I do not mean to imply that they are the source of this LOA information (I personally have read books from the 1900’s that were speaking of this law) but if you want to find some truth in Lynn Grabhorn’s life or her work then you must be willing to accept the fact that her material was not original, and that she made very little mention of the Hick’s in her first publishing, only to grudgingly give them more credit in a later publishing of this book. As such it is obvious that she was not a master or some kind of incredibly original thinker. She was a person trying to apply teachings that she had found in order to better her condition. This is something that we all are trying to do.

    My personal experience, I am no master either, leads me to believe that she lost herself in the ‘positivity’ roller coaster. She wanted to be happy all day everyday. She wanted to vibrate with such positive energy that she would literally vibrate herself out of this dimension and into a better one. Unfortunately I believe that not acknowledging your negativity and your negative emotions can create terrible consequences. When negative emotions are not confronted, they are projected outwardly and denied, this can create all sorts of problems where a person feels hounded by an evil exterior force that is out to harm them. “How can these horrible emotions be mine, they must be from an outside source.”

    My personal belief, again I must mention that I don’t believe myself to be any kind of expert on the matter, is that you can’t patch negative emotions over with positive ones. Even though I did not read any overt call for this in the book that I read, I did notice an incredibly urgent need to be super happy all the time.

    Emotions need to be studied and used to find the underlying beliefs that are causing them. If this is not done then you are patching over one emotion for another.


    • Faythe says:

      I do agree….I believe that we are all nudged by a higher power to “go to the doctor now!” or “don’t take that road” and we need to follow these promptings. They may be thought as negitive feelings, or afraid feelings…but we really need to pay attention as maybe we are prompt for a good reason. I do wonder, like the writer said, if she ignored these promptings and put the bandaid on of “positive….nothings wrong with me…” and something escalated to a point of no return. Very sad…


  18. saje says:

    I first received excuse me your life is waiting on my birthday five months ago from my cousin, she knew that i was highly depressed and the secret just wasn’t helping me the way it used to. I honestly didn’t start reading It until about three months ago, but it has changed my life forever my relationship with myself has grown along with my relationship with others and money has been everywhere. Lynn Grabhorn helped me through one of the lowest points in my life, i thanked my cousin for giving me the best gift anyone has ever given me. My perspective on the mystery of Lynn is honestly none of our business, she said many times that she isn’t perfect (in her own words) and i don’t feel that it is anyone’s place to put her name in vain for her books and what she has taught us all. She just wanted to show people the way to make their lives what they want it to be, and i think she has done just that. So in that lets not blame her for her life and let her name still mean the Same…


  19. Hi, thanks for your post.

    I have to say I wasn’t that surprised when I heard she’d passed as I’ve read her other two books: “Dear God..” and “Planet 2” and it seems to me that she may have gone to Planet 2 according to her beliefs.

    Does her death invalidate the “Excuse Me” book? Well it all depends on the individual and where they’re at. I actually believe her last two books were more outstanding than the “Excuse Me” one then that’s just me.

    Wherever you are, Lynn, hope you’re happy.



  20. Suzette says:

    It’s funny how all of us ended up here. I wonder if we were supposed to? I bought “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” about a year ago. As another poster said, I read the book when I want to feel better. I too wondered about her life and decided to Google her. That’s how I came here. Her book makes us all feel better. What more can we ask?


  21. Indy Jeet says:

    Hi, I only came across Lynn’s books in the community library some weeks back. Two of them ( Dear God, what’s….. and Plane Two ) raised goose bumps all over me. Many years ago, in the early 1990’s I was acquainted with a young ethnic Chinese airline pilot who happened to know a thing or two about Taoism. As our conversation into the Cosmos developed, he suddenly looked deep into my eyes and asked ” MUST YOU REALLY KNOW ? ” I was taken aback and without thinking, replied ” affirmative “. He seemed to like my use of the aviation version of ” yes! ” and said that he was going to reveal something which he thought would sound very ridiculous to me. He told me that the real essence of Taoist philosophy was that there was NO GOD, only a VOID OF UNIMAGINABLE POTENTIAL. Eons ago THIS VOID OF IMMENSE POTENTIAL ” meditated ” upon ITS POTENTIAL and the ” meditation ” caused an agitation giving rise to a light encased in a darkish void and later to a LIGHT encasing a small void……………the Yin and Yang of the Cosmic Tai Chi. From the Yin creation, some spin offs went into the ” false principle ” of creating but was accepted as part of ” the BIG PICTURE “. The Yang creation too spun off later with its own spinoffs trying to contain the ” false principle “. As this Cosmic saga played out in the containment of the Void, IT EXPERIENCED and ITS POTENTIAL EXPANDED AND EXPANDED. As it was a VOID, the expansion in POTENTIAL WAS LIMITLESS.

    I asked how does good and evil come about about, he said ” There is NO GOOD nor EVIL, only wrongful unbalance use of ” potential ” and ” energy “. As human souls are the spinoffs of the ” LIGHT ” part of the Tai Chi, our future potential is tied up with the LIGHT; any drift to the DARK is incompatible with our POTENTIAL and will bring imbalance, lack of spiritual development and waste of our potential.

    The conversation deepened into esoteric aspects of the human experience. I was intriqued by his explanation that the DARK is an ENVELOPING, CAVOTING experience and the LIGHT is an EXPANSIVE, GIVING experience and entities spun off from the DARK experience ARE FOREVER wanting to possess whereas entities of the LIGHT ARE FOREVER giving. As human souls are of the LIGHT, we find the entities of the Dark very stifling, possessive and overwhelming. As the Dark is incompatible for our nature, we of the Light must remove all elements of darkness in order for us to continue the expansion of our potential.

    I wasn’t sure it all made sense to me but it left a lasting, hungry impression in me. As the rigours of everyday life took a toll, I had to leave all the cosmological stuff behind until recently when I chanced upon Lynn Grabhorn’s 2 forementioned books. I was struck as how close the stuff written in her books matched my old aquaintance’s ” cosmological account.

    I hope there are people out there in the wide world who can share with us this never ending saga about human life on earth and our place in the Cosmos. Many thanks



  22. Marion Boice says:

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across this site yesterday. I had been in town (London…:)..) with a friend trying to get another copy of Lynn’s book ‘Excuse Me…’ to give to someone, when the shopkeeper told me that she had died. So I wanted to find out more about her death and found this site.

    I had bought this book a few years ago but had not read it. That is quite normal for me as I am a devoted reader and forever interested in learning and developing myself. Years ago I ‘handed over’ the book search/choice and acquired what I was guided to to buy, what I was attracted to… I have never regretted this.

    I had read ‘Dear God..’ and found that quite surprising and enjoyed reading it. But it wasn’t something new to me.
    Then, recently, my brother in Germany told me about ‘Excuse me..’ and I remembered that I had that book somewhere and started reading it about 6 months ago. Now the time was right for me to read it as I was at a major crossroads in my life. It has made a lot of sense and has brought into my life a much needed more positive outlook and the realization how little control I had over my thoughts and emotions. It poignantly showed me how negative my thinking was; I had always thought I was a happy/quite positive person… I love her down to earth style and will pass it on to people who are open to change their tack so to speak. I found it totally relevant when looking at the (sad) state of affairs in the world today, from underhanded tactics to down right evil intentions of local to central governments, frightening plans and plots for the future of humanity, to the decimation of the environment… plenty to be negative about…

    However, I agree with her that all is energy and thoughts have energy and that my negative energy added to that of millions is not doing anyone, let alone the environment, those in politics, etc., any favors. Positive , light filled thoughts and intentions counteract that which seems to be the intent of those who wish to fill us with fear based news/information on a daily basis.. I have often thought that I live on a different planet because of where my thoughts are focused. We all have a responsibility for ourselves.

    Most people I speak to live in perpetual fear of something… from personal catastrophes to global ones. We are co-creators with the Creator/the creative force of the universe, we can, as a collective, create different outcomes. I believe that is happening already quite regularly. Many light-filled human beings who practice this co-creative principle are devoted to effect positively, predicted negative outcomes globally. Following her guidance and practicing the 4 steps much positive has happened in my life. I have the book in my bag to work and when I feel I am unhappy/frustrated I open the Do’s and Don’ts page at the end and get myself aligned with happiness. Its a work in progress…:)… that’s life.

    Regarding her death I believe that when one’s life is complete we go “Home’… wherever that is. This here is a place of learning and recognizing how we create or lives and living our truth and how we pursue this inner craving to search for more and deeper knowledge, searching to find ourselves and who we are and where we came from. All of humanity is searching, searching for Creator/God… or however you want to define it. When that is done we shed the body and move back into the realm of spirit, we move on. We ARE eternal beings and we have been before and will go on. We each are an eternal spirit living in a body of flesh and blood. The body is useful for learning much about who we are, how conscious we are and about the joy of being in the flesh so to speak, but it is not what/who we are. These are questions everyone ponders individually …or not.
    Blessings to all.



    • Shauakt Charania says:

      Marion! Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts……..I found her book very helpful and I trust that I was guided to read her book. May Universal Love bless you and your loved ones with peace, love, joy, light and abundance. Amen


  23. shelley perham says:

    I would like to tell you all about my most recent use of LOA and to break down how I think it works. For those of you who want to believe LOA is merely spiritual, this may disappoint, as I believe it has more to do with an attitude and how we create our own paths via changing our approach.

    Last week, during half term my daughter, her friend, myself and several friends stayed in a beautiful cottage on the beach in Cornwall (in Western England). On our first night, as we returned from dinner in the local pub, we met a hysterical woman who told us that she had lost her dog on the walk home from the pub an hour earlier. We helped her look for a short time and left her and her friends to continue the search for the rest of the night. She told me that if she did not find the dog by the morning that she would have to abandon her search and return home for personal reasons.

    This did not sit well with me (being a huge dog lover). As I laid in bed awake all night, listening to her searching for her dog, I felt as guilty as anything that I was not helping. At day break I gave myself a big talking to. I had used LOA only for two area’s in my life… one for professional competition and the other to find my soul mate, as recently as September last yr. Why, when I had this amazing tool did I not put it to greater use to help others?

    I decided that I was going to find that dog and that my daughter would be the one to find it with me. My daughter suffers from low self esteem and is always the one on the reserve bench. If she could find this dog and return it to the owner I could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. I envisioned my daughter discovering the dog hidden under a bush in the garden of a run down house, cold and shivering, I saw her face light up and the joy in her body as she carried the pathetic dog back to her delighted owner. I imagined how it would feel to carry this dog back victorious to this broken lady and the look on her face as she cuddled her lost companion.

    Vibrating like mad, I woke the girls and told them ‘we were going to find that dog’. As we trampled out in our pj’s, wellies and big jumpers I gave the girls my LOA pep talk. What then occurred was pretty unbelievable to our friends (luckily I had told them the previous night about my experience with LOA, so they saw with their own eyes the result). Long and short… we found the pathetic dog, shivering under a bush at the back of a run down empty house about 2 miles from where it was lost.

    My daughter’s face flushed with triumphant joy as she picked the dog from the bush and carried her back to her owner (as she was packing her car to leave!!) I knew that I would never doubt the power that I had at my finger tips (and I made believers out of 5 skeptical Irish friends!)

    What I believe happened that happy morning was an attitude that set about a series of events. firstly we decided that we were going to find this dog. Failure was not an option. We began our search on a piece of rough ground where we thought we heard a bark. Finding nothing we saw a dog on the beach and decided to ask the owner if it had been her dog that had barked (if we had not done this our search would have failed there and then). The woman told us that it had not been her dog but wanted to know why we were so insistent with our questions.

    On hearing our story she informed us that a man on a motor bike in the car park above us had patted her dog and told her that he had almost run a dog over as he arrived that morning. We saw the biker getting on his bike about to leave. With superhuman strength (wellies and sand not being conducive to running) we managed to catch the biker just as he was leaving the car park. My daughter, having arrived first informed me of the house that the biker had seen the dog disappearing into. Running up the road, realizing that she had misheard his directions we decided to return to find the biker and question him again. Back in the car park we discovered that he had left.

    Exhausted and disappointed we sat down to recover in the spot that the biker had parked. At this spot my daughter found a glove which we handed in to the local pub where we ran into the biker having coffee who took us to the house where my daughter was the first to find the dog, hidden and caught up under a bush at the back of a run down house just as I had imagined it.

    Positive re-enforcement changes your attitude, which encourages you to take a different approach, which in turn influences the way that others respond to you, resulting in achievement in whatever we set our minds to. Remember, these people had searched all night and all morning, they were caught up in negativity and despondency. This did not lead them on the same trail that we took as we took ours out of positivity and by deliberately creating our opportunities. Would they have returned the glove? Would they have questioned the woman on the beach or made their mind up that her dog had barked as it at first appeared?

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  24. Mary says:

    I have read EYLIW and have since been trying to put it into practice. I have marvelled at how quickly things in my life were changing…I was on a roll! Today I decided to find out more about the author and found out she had passed. I was discouraged at the reports regarding suicide and, as most, started to question her teachings. I can’t dismiss the positive experiences I have been having but my concern is this. Wherever there is an “up” there must be a “down” right? I have also read Eckardt Tolle’s books and thought that I could somehow merge both of their teachings to find my own happiness but I’m not sure that is possible. Tolle is about finding peace and calmness. Perhaps this is a better goal? Is that contentment though? Grabhorn teaches that contentment is fine but will not improve your situation and that passion is needed to move forward. The fear is that if you put your heart into LOA and stumble, the crash is going to be far worse than if you take Tolle’s living in the now approach. But hey, that’s just a “don’t want” now isn’t it?


    • shelley perham says:

      Hi Mary

      Can I just say that your last 3 lines shows that you are not totally embracing how LOA works. If you practise LOA properly you will NEVER crash. Thats the whole point. Dare to dream and be a deliberate creator. Before I started my competitive sporting career (before LOA) I was caught up in daring to believe I could win because I to had a fear of failure. Better to dream small than to dream big and be disappointed…but…I made myself do it..and the very first time I dared to dream big..I won my first and biggest competition. The winners roled in every week after this and never stopped and still have not stopped. This is just the way it not question it, just get on and start creating a better life..its out there for you and I am living proof of it.


      • Mary says:

        Thanks Shelley. I don’t mean to dispute LOA, I know it works. However, I think it is important to realize that it is not the ONLY law of the universe. There are other factors at play. Lynn Grabhorn reluctantly acknowledges that sometimes the timing is off and even though you have done everything right, the universe does not give you what you want. This is rare, though, and can be used as a cop out an excuse for giving up. The area where I feel that the other factors need to be realized the most is for the belief that all bad things (and good) that happen in your life are somehow attracted, or created from you and your vibrations. Imagine someone telling you this after you lose your child to accident or illness. Did all of those children and adults in Haiti attract that? All of them!? No, there were other factors at play, factors that you cannot always control. These things happen, they do, and they can happen to everyone. Perhaps the consequences may be lessened by those who are vibrating at a higher frequency, or can somehow maintain a positive attitude but LOA is not the only law of the universe. I believe, through my experiences, that it is a very powerful law, and you have obviously seen that in your life as well. I will continue to use it in my life every day but the knowledge that it is not the only law will also help me not to crash too hard or become too discouraged when the inevitable pitfalls of my life and the life occur.


        • shelley perham says:

          Hi Mary, I agree with the bad publicity that LOA has aroused regarding the bad things in life that happen to us… but this wasn’t really Lynn’s focus… more like that of the Hicks and I don’t subscribe to that.

          The problem I have with your thought pattern is that we don’t use LOA on a daily basis… it would be impossible as our default (for some reason) is to be wary and look for the negative. I have tracked my negative thoughts throughout the day and have been astounded at the amount of negativity I surround my thoughts with. It is only when I choose to APPLY LOA that it works for me and I have to say it has worked EVERY time I have used it. I think this is the reason that there are doubters… because it really is a process and hard work and is, for some unknown reason, not possible to live in the space from moment to moment.

          I like to think that looking on the negative side sometimes help us make decisions as we go about our life. But here’s something to think about. Last November I was due to make a 3 hr journey on the M25 to a celebration party that my team had organized for our successful sporting season. I make this trip every week to join them for our competitions but for some reason I was wary of driving that afternoon. I had a feeling of dread and even rang a friend to discuss an alternative route (so he again was witness to how the LOA sometimes works). In the end I decided to stick to the original route but felt uneasy the whole journey.

          After two hours of sitting in stop start traffic, in bad weather conditions the road opened up and I kicked my car up a gear, only to find the traffic stop abruptly in front of me…the outcome…a head on, 3 car, bumper to bumper cause by yours truly! The most scary and only car accident that I have had. I know I bought that upon myself, with self doubt and not trusting my good driving skills. I’m very big into mental rehearsal, which I think works well with LOA, if I had rehearsed a clear run, saw myself making the party on time as Lynn suggests, I feel sure my better self would have advised me to take a longer but less hazardous route.


          • Lisa says:


            I have been reading through your comments with much interest. I have read Lynn’s book countless times and it’s great to see living proof of how when putting the LOA into action so many amazing things can manifest.

            I was wondering if you could dispense some advice? I have been put forward for a job that is my dream job. The salary, location and everything is spot on. I haven’t heard news of an interview yet but I have been told that I’m being considered and that the company is “still interested”. How would you approach this situation? I know the saying that no news is good news but I’m starting to go crazy waiting for a response! How would you use the LOA to get the interview and ultimately the job?

            I’d appreciate your feedback on this very much as this job (when I get it–being confident here!!) will open so many opportunities up for me.



        • J. Berger says:

          Hi All,
          So glad Mary made that point about the LOA not being the “only” law or truth in the universe. In fact, there are many, many other important laws that can influence outcomes as well. One in particular that I’d like to mention is: THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. In other words, you have to be flexible and let things unfold. Sometimes you get an outocme that isn’t exactly what you thought you wanted but it turns out to be a blessing in disguise or an important lesson you needed to learn. Having said that, the most signifigant thing about applying the LOA to me is that it makes me feel fantastic-at the very least, it lifts my mood significantly!!!! It reconnects me to my core self and allows me to flow more positive energy to others – especially if my ‘wants’ co-incide with what is good for others (in general) as well- not that I don’t have wants that are just for me.
          I think it can really back-fire though when what we want is to change someone else, like a family member, friend or boss for that matter,even if the change you seek would really help the other person (and I’m assuming that your motivation is to make the person’s life better as well as your own). What you may need to attract in that situatiion is, in fact, guidance – specific guidance that helps you understand how to handle the person or situation in the most positive way possible and there may be a number of steps involved, so be ready for that. The first step is feeling the excitement of helping this person – not changing them, but helping them…and then the guidance you attract will show you what your role is..and what it isn’t.


        • beth says:

          I’ll Not Ask Others to Become Different for Me… Let your Vibrational Escrow percolate, and you do your best to give it your undivided attention so that you become a Vibrational Match to it. And then, when the Law of Attraction brings all of it together and brings you, because you’re a match, together with it – then there aren’t any bugs to work out. Don’t ask the person, or people, that helped you to define what you want to become what you want so that you can have what you want. (Oh, that was so good.) Instead, let them be the Step One part of it (the asking part). Use your willpower and your decision to focus upon what you want – and then the Universe will bring you what you want.

          — Abraham

          Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships # 55


    • ali jones says:

      I think you can definitely merge peace and calmness with passion and still come out on top. The contentment issue is never bad and is often the truer sense of oneself. If you know what you are wanting it will materialise if you are honest with your wants and needs.
      I do not think you should regard all of LGs thoughts and sometimes its good to intermingle different ways of thinking.
      Good Luck


  25. Paul says:

    Hello all. I found Lynn’s book, Excuse me, 3 days ago and having just finished it and been truly inspired by its message. Its quite a shock to find out that she may have committed suicide, but to be honest that doesn’t change the authenticity of her teaching. For me, this book made everything click into place. I only got into spirituality and inner development this year, and have read quite a few different teachings. The simple truth that Lynn emphasises, that we create by our feelings, is what tied all the different things I have learned over the last year together (from people like Caroline Myss, Paul McKenna and Robert Holden to name a few) and made a huge light click on inside me.

    I applied these teachings this very weekend, (its sunday evening now) and have already had some funky results. I am very keen to apply these teachings to my life consistently and see what happens, will report back with some results. By the way its awesome to see that there are lots of other people out there who share my basic beliefs about life. I’m 21 and most of the people I know don’t understand the concept of cocreation, ie that you have an active part in the creation of your life by the way you think and feel. Most of them look through the eyes of victims and cant step back objectively.

    Humans get ill, simple as, and its sad that she suffered towards the end of her life but that doesn’t diminish her life’s achievements. Thanks to the host of this blog :)


    • John Scriven says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comments. As far as I’m able to ascertain, Lynn didn’t commit suicide. At one point in her illness the pain was so intense that she sought information about an assisted suicide in the Netherlands, but didn’t go through with it. I agree with you that whatever happened to Lynn later in her life doesn’t affect the authenticity of what she taught in Excuse Me. Stay in touch and let us know what progress you make in applying her teachings.
      All the best,
      John Scriven


  26. J. Craten says:

    I’ve read her books and have really felt connected with what she writes about. Listening to her voice on CD narrating her book was amazing also and just had me enthralled with the total message she was sharing. I remember thinking…’this is one highly evolved lady’. Then upon learning of her recent death, I was obviously shaken and something in my gut kept resonating and bothering me. It seems that with all of her raising of ‘frequencies’ and ‘vibrations’ all it seemed to produce was a constant state of physical pain for her and ultimately, a fairly early death. Is this what we’re striving for? I don’t know, but it just gave me pause to back up and think about everything. Just my humble 2 cents.


    • John Scriven says:

      Thanks for your contribution, which has a greater value than only two cents! I understand your reaction to learning about Lynn’s death – I went through similar feelings, more out of shock than careful consideration! In the end, I decided that it didn’t make any difference to my belief that what Lynn taught had the potential to be of immense benefit to me. I believe that the techniques she advocates don’t offer a lifelong, once-and-for-all fix. They have to be practiced continually so that they help you to build belief and confidence in yourself.
      All the best,
      John Scriven


      • J. Craten says:

        Thanks for your reply. What you say does make sense and it could have been just a personal experience specifically related to her condition. All I know is that I will be continuing the journey! I only wish she hadn’t left so early. Something tells me that there may have been another book in her that she didn’t get to finish. It would have been nice if she had been able to continue this important flow of information. But, she’s probably experiencing everything now anyway, so I am happy for her and will be sending her thoughts of joy and love in my daily meditation. Peace


  27. shelley perham says:

    Dear John, I wrote to you last yr to tell you about my conversation with Lyn and her publicist before she died. I also told you how Lyn’s book had been instrumental in me achieving my greatest equestrian ambition 4 times! I thought I would update you to let you know that I won the same competition AGAIN in October last yr (report in Horse and Hound Oct edition). This is now 5 times in a row and a record for this competition. BUT..more importantly..just before the event..I concentrated my thoughts on not only winning but I decided to ask for something more important, something I have never asked for before, something I daren’t ask for (due to some messed up thinking involving the guilt of asking/wanting/demanding etc)…a wonderful man to come into my life, with enough strength of mind and personality to ‘deal’ with me, enough time to ‘give’ me and enough money to ‘support’ me. I have been alone since my divorce in 2005 and although have had several encounters with ‘Mr not even close’, this wonderful man came appeared on the exact same day as my great sporting achievement..and he ticks ALL of those boxes and many many more. Remember, you get what you ‘ask for’…so ASK! Please feel free to Google me to verify my achievements and add validity to my blog. Best wishes Shelley Perham


    • John Scriven says:

      Dear Shelley,
      Congratulations on achieving a record number of wins in that event, and for providing another inspiring example of how effective Lynn’s philosophy can be when applied with patience and dedication. Some people find it hard to believe that you can manifest good relationships, but I know from own experience that it’s possible. Georgia and I came into each other’s lives because we wanted to be with a kindred spirit and now we’re partners for life. I wish you continuing success with your equestrian pursuits and, even more importantly, with your new relationship.


    • ali jones says:

      How do you know this man will be so wonderful after the initial first phase is over ?
      It truly sounds amazing that you just met on the same day as your sporting triumph.
      The concentration of your thoughts must have been a good experience.
      I do hope hes not Scottish though,they are great at first but let people down in my experience only !


      • shelley perham says:

        Dear Al

        Thank you for your note. Firstly, this man just gets better and better, and it’s been 6 months now. Secondly, he was introduced to me by a friend who has known him for years and known him to be a very good man, which is why she tried to hook us up for soo long. Thirdly, when it is your second time around, you go into these things with your eyes open, no misconceptions, no smoke screens, it’s cards on table stuff and if you’re clever and know what you want and this connects with the basic stuff that the other person wants …it’s easy. What’s been difficult is resisting it for soo long. Thru the LOA I was able to focus on what I really wanted in a man not what I thought I wanted. There is a truth that is realised, and you often find that this person was there all just didn’t know it because you weren’t looking. Oh and no, he is not Scottish, he’s Irish and just AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. I am truly blessed and have achieved everything that I could want in my life…greatest personal success and also success within my private life (my daughter is thriving with all of this also). Thanks to LOA, my life has turned a full circle and just keeps on turning. I am now in great demand in my sporting life for this coming Spring and Summer, which makes my competitive side happy, have been offered a role within a television channel, which is fulfilling my creative and work side and have just agreed to move into my partner’s beautiful riverside home, which feeds my soul as I thrive off an environment of fire and water. It’s EVERYTHING I have ever wanted in my life… and having been on my own deliberately for 5 yrs since my divorce I am not naive or looking thru rose tinted glasses. I’m sorry if this challenges you non believers out there, but get on it, start creating, as Lynn has said …your life is waiting…(I’m starting mine!)


        • John Scriven says:

          I’m glad the relationship is working out so well for you, Shelley, and that your partner isn’t Scottish – just kidding, some of my best friends are Scots! Stay in touch.


        • ali jones says:

          Hi Shelley

          Your life is taking truly amazing good fortune and I am sure thats because of having all the positive thoughts.
          My partner is also Irish and for the past 6 years its been wondeful. Does your new man have children to bond with your children, as thats always an important aspect of a new relationship. Between us we have 6 children ranging from 1o to quite a spectrum.

          It will be exciting to move to a new home,although please be careful if it hold memories for him of any past marriages/relationships. We have now moved into a rambling rectory in Oxfordshire and are renovating , so a new phase is beginning.

          Like you I wished for so many things but nothing happened until I put pure energy into those thoughts.


          • shelley perham says:

            Hi again…yes he does have children, boys, 4 of them and its not going to be easy as they are very resentful of their parents breaking up even tho it was 10 yrs ago!! I take your point about the house…and it has been discussed (old memories etc)

            My daughter (11) is also finding it difficult as used to having me to herself for five years and is not liking sharing me.

            How funny you are in Oxford, as that is where he lives and we are thinking of moving (Goring, where his house is).

            I am in Newbury. Perhaps we should meet up sometime? Where abouts is your place in Oxford..sounds amazing.


        • ali jones says:

          Dear Shelley
          I have been telling many people about cocreation and how you managed such a successful succession of wins by using this method and also the LOA , hope you don’t mind.

          Your future to live with your new found partner and his 4 boys in Goring sounds amazing, are they all as thrilled as you must be? I have given my oldest children the Lynn Grabhorn book and they have gained many positive benefits, so it does work for all ages…..try it .
          We do not live in Oxford as you do , we live North Oxfordshire. Whats it like living in Oxford ?

          When are you next performing for more successes?



          • John Scriven says:

            I would appreciate it if you would let me have your correct email address. I tried contacting you at the one shown against your postings to send a free ebook, but my email was returned. You can reach me at – we will, of course, keep your email strictly confidential.


    • deirdre says:

      dear shelley
      how did you manage to transfer your thoughts,I have read and reread the techniques but find the concentration so difficult, what do you think I am doing wrong ? I cannot seem to achieve any sense of calm.


  28. Marjorie says:

    I am wondering if Lynn Grabhorn could have had Lyme disease? Due to the corrupt guidelines written by the IDSA it is harder to get diagnosed than it should be and many people including myself were not diagnosed for years due to doctors who used unreliable testing and guidelines. The IDSA was busted by the Attorney General of Conn. last May for having written bad guidelines for the treatment and diagnosis. Lyme disease and co-infections can cause a lot of pain and also mental issues including delusional thinking. One of the posters here commented their son was bi-polar. I would run not walk to a Lyme specialist (not an IDSA doc) and beg for a Western Blot from Igenex Lab.

    Just a thought or guess on my part that Lynn had Lyme disease.


  29. mkm says:

    I had “Excuse me” foisted on me by one person after another, only to watch the reality that life isn’t all a box of chocolates but a mixture of good and bad and random chance that you have no control over mixed with what you can control slowly dawn on them (basic logic we’re all born with but which we have to intentionally manipulate by throwing money after books and seminars).

    The reason Lynn Grabhorn lost her mind is simple and two fold. First, I hear the people who claim to be Christians say that it was because “demons” got her, much like Lynn herself claimed. Which is like watching the two characters from Dumb and Dumber have a duel. There aren’t any little green monsters or invisible men in the sky/shamanistic animals/blah blah nonsense. What happens psychologically to a person who convinces themselves that there are “others” manipulating them is simple – schizophrenia. Cause and effect, anyone?

    Lynn’s second problem should be obvious, but then it seems when people spend this much time trying to subjugate their original common sense nothing remains simple or obvious… She wrote a book that not only had the happy go lucky manifest the happy stuff but conversely claimed that anyone who experienced anything bad was “co-creating” it and to blame. So what happened to the guru herself when bad stuff started happening to her? Where could she put the huge burden of self-inflicted blame that she had created with her highly publicized philosophy? She couldn’t slough her misfortunes off to chance or tell herself or anyone around her that she was a good person who was experiencing one of the myriad random happenstances of life. No, she had to “admit” to herself and to everyone around her that she was the biggest failure of all. Try topping off your physical illness, which is already dragging your immune system down, with that kind of mental and emotional drain – that YOU yourself created with your self “help” feel good sell more books drivel.


  30. Min. J says:

    Hello All! I believe very strongly that we can and do attract things into our lives based on how we speak, think, feel and live. I do not dismiss the teachings of the Law of Attraction, I only say God is the creator of the universe. There are certain laws and principles that work in the earth, He made it that way. I believe we only get in trouble when we adopt a “belief system” and embrace doctrines that edge Him out as being Supreme!

    As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believer in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit I have read Lynn’s book, first in 2001 and recently picked it up again, which prompted me to search her name and came across this blog site….so glad I found it.

    I respect Lynn’s writing I don’t personally have much of an opion about the end of her life because until about an hour ago I had no idea she had passed on. I honestly do not believe that her life or life style should dismiss her writings in “Excuse Me….”. Many gospel preachers have knowledge and preach/teach strong gospel messages that change the lives of others but they lack the wisdom to apply the message to their own lives….it doesn’t dismiss the preached word.

    One of my Christian disciplines is “daily morning devotion” a time where I pray, read and contemplate the scriptures in the bible, simply talk to God about my life, give thanks for my life and speak aloud my expectations for a wonderful and productive day; I’ve done this for many years and upon re-reading “Excuse Me” I found that Lynn talks about the same daily disciplines however she called them “prescripting & switch-flipping…” or something to that nature.

    The point is there will always be people who discover a law & principle that has been a part of the way God created the earth and write about their findings and how this “next new thing” has changed their life. It’s not new and it’s not a “Secret” it’s God all God, He deserves the glory for all that is in the earth every principle every law EVERYTHING. When I find writings such as “Excuse Me” I find there’s some times information added or deleted as it relates to the nature & character of God, I choose not to “throw the baby out with the bath water…” I use the “delete button” in my mind to dismiss the portion that doesn’t line up with God and the Gospel of Jesus and keep the principles.

    If Lynn did or did not believe in God is not the issue for me, most of the information in the book is valid and it lines up with the word of God as it is written in Holy Bible, just packaged as something else.

    Minister J


  31. Zero Kazama says:

    I believe Lynn’s work is great for people as a primer for getting a hold of your emotional/vibrational control, but one of the biggest flaws I’ve seen in the LOA works is it’s lack for more introspection of the individual and the inherent paradoxes of conscious creation. The biggest one is that the eager wanting and affirming of something puts you in the reality of not having it – any effort or affirming w/attendant desire means one is inhabiting the reality system that the desired thing is not manifest. If practice is to be truly effective, the “desire” must be turned into a “memory”, since you don’t try to have what you already have. There are fine points of discerning between believing what you want is real and trying to convince yourself it’s real when you know it’s not and “trying to make manifest”. Another point is the tendency for people to be stuck on a specific outcome and not let the universe do it’s job. We get so stuck in our will and ego that we forget that we’re not the ones that willed ourselves into existence and we don’t create anything at all – we just choose routes and systems of already present circumstances. This is not victimization – just a realization that we “can control our breath but realize we don’t create the air” so to speak. The realization of this usually evolves into a willingness to have something that the universe can sort out for us, in whatever way that may come to us. The humility to know that everything happens for many many reasons is also paramount – without the knowledge that an event takes many intersections of of people place and things, we become sealed off megalomaniacs without the proper growth in consciousness to consider the greater picture of things and people/events. Anybody that contemplates the evolution of our species, no, just the sequence of events for our parents to even meet understands the necessity to give ourselves to a higher organizing intelligence greater than our own. The paradox of this is – the more you let go of your individual will and align yourself with the greater by tempering your ego, your so called “personal” strength is multiplied by untold powers, but at this point, you don’t recognize it as personal. Finally, the last thing I’d like to point out is people almost never ask if they’re willing to live up to what they want. Want the body of an olympic athlete? Sure, but are you willing to train and suffer as one does? Do you want a great life partner but unwilling to be as great as your own expectations of the person? I guess what I’m trying to say is that you have to live up to your desires – they want something in exchange. Every reality also asks that the person inhabiting the new reality to live up to it.

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    • John Scriven says:

      Zero Kazama,
      Thanks for a thought-provoking contribution. You make some excellent points about the reality of making the Law of Attraction work, and I urge everyone to read them and think about them.

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  32. Lisa says:

    Dear John

    Since I last posted a comment on this board, I have taken your kind words to heart and I have asked for guidance and signs that what I want is on its way.

    Now, a major opportunity has come up for one of my wants. That is a job closer to home that pays more and something that I could be happy in. Well, guess what? I have found one!! I have submitted my CV to to agency and they said that they will get back to me. Now, my intuition and everything is telling me that this is it. I’m feeling a lot better about it but as you know sometimes there is a nagging voice in the back of your head that says “get real, this isn’t going to happen.”

    John, I have come so far. This job is a major want for me. I have read Lynn’s advice in her book about getting into the feeling place of getting your want, but I want to know from you how would you go about getting this want?

    Also, I wonder if you could do me a favour. Lynn’s book says that if 2 people put intense feel good into a want it will come about quicker and easier. If you have a minute, could you send some feel good vibrations out for me? I will be doing the same so hopefully there will be a vibrtional match and I can get this want realized.

    Thanks again for everything.

    Lisa, Liverpool


    • John Scriven says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Remind yourself that we get what we focus on with passion and excitement. Here’s what Lynn said about that:

      “The universe doesn’t give a crap shoot whether we want something or don’t want something; it works strictly off of the principle we call the Law of Attraction. We send the magnetic feelings out, the universe obediently delivers. It doesn’t react to our pleas; it only responds to our vibrations, which come purely from how we’re feeling… Focus on what we want, and it will come if we don’t sabotage it.”

      Stay focused on how good it would feel to have a better paying job closer to home consisting of work you will enjoy doing. Ignore that nagging voice, which is the voice of the saboteur. The last of Lynn’s four steps is “Expect, listen, and allow it to happen.” Wayne Dyer said something similar in his audio program, Manifesting Your Destiny. He said : “Declare your intent to the universe, detach yourself from the outcome, and go quietly about your business.”

      You’ve already declared your intent by submitting your CV to the agency. If there’s anything else you can do to get the job, do it. Then, focus on staying with the feeling of how good it will be when it happens. If you continue to send out high frequency vibrations, it won’t even matter if you don’t get this particular job, because another opportunity will come along.



  33. Lisa says:

    Dear John

    Thank you for the explanation into Lynn’s death. Like many of the people on this site, I had Lynn’s book suggested to me via unusual circumstances and with it I have had the strength to follow my dreams. Times are tough but I’m getting through it. Like you, I read her book when I get a bit of a panic. I take it everywhere with me and sometimes I close my eyes and randomly I pick a page and I will always find wisdom to overcome whatever obstacle that I’m facing. I guess I’m writing in because like most of the people here, I wanted to contact her and thank her. I have to say though since I found out she died, it has knocked me for six. I have a knot in my stomach and I feel a bit afraid. Like she says in her book, this is a definite red flag. I’m trying so hard to turn it around but it’s proving difficult. I have so many wants and I feel a bit overwhelmed by them all. I guess I’m asking for help to get myself back on the right track. Any ideas, please I’d be really grateful.


    Lisa, Liverpool


    • John Scriven says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Without knowing exactly what you’re going through, it’s hard to offer pertinent ideas. But I do know what it’s like to be thrown off track and that’s why I’m working on a new post that I hope might help people to re-group when that happens.

      In the meantime, Lisa, keep the faith. What worked for you once will go on working for you if you stay focused. If you have so many wants that you feel overwhelmed, focus on the one that means the most to you right now. Then, get into the feeling of how it would be for that want to become reality. And whenever you feel yourself straying off track, do something, anything, no matter how small, that will make you feel better. Take a walk and breathe deeply. Take a long bubble bath – whatever will make you feel good. Also, use Lynn’s “flip-switch” technique to re-focus your attention on the things that are good about you.

      Read the comment from Amy S – I think you’ll find it inspiring.

      Hope that helps,


      • Lisa says:

        Dear john

        Thank you so much for your kind words.

        Right now I’m in a job that’s far away from my flat and I’m severely underpaid, in an unfulfilling relationship, in debt and I have gained weight so I’m not feeling too good.

        But I was reading through Lynn’s book last night and I asked the universe with some help to feel good again and I woke up this morning feeling better. I have a smile on my face again so I think that I’m slowly getting back into it.

        I’m reading Lynn’s book for the 3rd time and something has popped out at me that’s so powerful, I need to share this. The power of saying “I intend to…” found on page 105. I said a couple of the statements while waiting for the gates to be unlocked at work….”I intend on being at my target size and weight by my birthday (in October)” “I intend on getting my well paid job closer to home by July” and things like that. I felt so much better and I know in my heart that all I need will come to fruition as and when I say it.

        I guess we go through low times and hard times. I don’t know what caused my down flow in energy but I’m working my way through it and your comment has made me feel better and put things into perspective.

        So thank you very much again. Amy S’s comment is truly inspirational and I know that I can take from her experience to pick myself and keep on going.

        Thanks again.



  34. Amy S says:

    I just stumbled upon this website after googling Lynn’s name. I received a copy of her book in 2001 after a bad car accident left me incapacitated. I am very sorry now that i never emailed Lynn to tell her my story and how much this book helped save my life. Maybe do her memory proud and share it with all of you?
    I was 25 with 3 small children and in an abusive relationship. As badly as I wanted to leave him (and tried numerous times) I always ended back with him. It was August of 2001 when i had my life-changing car accident. I sat at home, miserable and feeling sorry for myself when my mom handed me a copy of Excuse Me…. I started reading it immediately. I didn’t know how, but I was gonna Leave that man AND provide a good life for my kids. I had no car, bad credit, no job history, no skills, no education, and no help from family or friends. Two months after starting the book, I had a job, an apartment, and a new car! 12 months later, I bought my first house…with my new husband! (who, by the way, is a wonderful man!). Five years later, we are still happily married with 3 additional children. This book saved my life, whether it only gave me the confidence to do the impossible or the LOA actually are legit, I am a believer! I am very sorry to hear of Lynn’s passing, however belated, and hope she knew how much her book has helped.


    • DJ says:

      Hello Amy,

      While looking for more information of Lynn, I came acroos the webside of John and therefore your text contribution.

      I found it remarkable – just as the book- to hear it can really happen. It is indeed very inspiring.

      In case that you may get this message, I wonder if you would be so kind of giving me a few tips and hints of how you managed to achieve all this.
      It seems as I tried to stay positive, and feel positive which is the most difficult part, but can’t seem to get away from the negative.

      Can you somehow help me or advise of what you did?
      I’m confused by where to start with my wants as I want a lot (move back into my country, buy a house in my beloved city, boyfriend/husband…ect.) of the really big things or do I have to start with the small things ( get a new job which is more fulfilling, be a good listener and have a good memory…ect.) ?

      Thank you very much for your help on this.


      • shelley says:

        HI DJ

        If Amy does not reply, feel free to ask me the same question. I have practised the LOA for 5 yrs now having been introduced to Lyn’s book. I would be very happy to help you achieve your dreams. Its probably a lot easier than you think but you are missing something in your approach. Have you read the book PROPERLY? Are you practising the technique? It took me a month to practise before I could ‘turn it on’ when I needed it most. You also have to have something tangiable to focus on…and one thing at a time, as its really exhusting to focus and practise when your doing it properly. Feel free to get in touch if I can help further…it really works (and almost scares me how much it works).


  35. Carla says:

    Hi Mona and fellow Bloggers,

    You make some good points and yes, one can argue Proverbs and other writings from the Bible (albeit I think we all know and understand how its inherent ambiguity has been and still is used to suit various “causes” or view-points… ie; regarding homosexuality etc…… Then there’s the contradictory: “an eye for an eye” but you also “turn the other cheek”….

    So, perhaps the two beliefs can co-exist as long as we are consistent with where the “power” is coming from. To take pride (tinged with guilt if we choose to block out that it was Gods Will) in a seemingly “self made” accomplishment can be put down to “well I attracted it as I’m vibrating high”…. but, to moan that “God has abandoned me” in a time of need, or “How could this be God’s will” when something dreadful happens is not consistent with LOA.

    So, how strong is a person’s belief and trust in God when they ask the question “How could God do this if he truly loved me/us/the planet” …… A true believer would never even think this question let alone utter it when the Bible/Church tells us “who are we to question God”.

    For me it’s all about us taking responsibilty for ourselves and our actions and if more people on this planet did it would be a much better place. Also, us humans would all be a lot happier. Confession and hail Mary’s do not constitute taking responsibility.

    Appreciation is key and if you choose to look at the sky, sun plants and birds as Gods creation or through Darwinian glasses, as long as we appreciate what we see and what we have it doesn’t matter who “made” it……. we feel grateful, we feel happy so we vibrate higher and good things happen.

    Maybe LOA is simply what we choose it to be.


  36. Carla says:

    Hi all,
    I notice there have been some “God” conversations and what Lynn’s “take” was on religion and “God”…

    Am I off the track by saying that one either believes in God or one believes in LOA:…..To believe in the law of attraction … ie; that we are the creators of everything that occurs in our life, surely then makes the presence of God as the creator of what happens to us moot.

    We either create our lives ourselves – good/bad/indifferent or God does…… and by abdicating responsibility of our lives to “God” we are rejecting LOA?

    Perhaps this is why we create such drama and dilemma in our lives……. the two beliefs cannot co-exist.

    Anyone up for a philosphical discussion? :)


    • Mona says:

      Hello All,

      I have to beg to differ with you Carla. I would argue that the LOA and God can co-exist. I am a Christian, but the LOA makes sense to me and does line up with the word of God. (At least the basic premise of it does). The Bible states that we can speak things into existence and Proverbs 4:23 states “guard your heart” meaning watch what you expose it to-site and sound. The Bible states that God said, “let there be light” and it was so. He new and FELT that if he commanded light with his words that it would come to pass. Jesus states over and over, “these things that I do, so can you”. In my opinion people (even I at times) have a hard time grasping the magnificent powerful minds that we actually have. Why is it blaspheme to take credit for the works or manifestations in our lives? We have God given power! Do we consider our children as disrespectful for not giving US credit for every successful accomplishment or achievement the obtain because they have our genetics? No we don’t and I don’t think God is any different than we are as parents. I don’t think that God is that needy for attention ALL THE TIME. God is Supreme and with that comes confidence. Confident beings don’t need to be reassured CONSTANTLY that they are loved or appreciated- THEY KNOW IT. In my opinion, God just wants us to be grateful, HUMBLE and appreciative to him and one another.


    • noni says:

      Hi carla I just took a look at the blogs and came accross your comment….everybody has there own opionion whether these two beliefs can coexiest believing n god and the laws of attraction…in my life they do coexist for years even before i read lynn’s books i manifested about things and somehow they would come into my life…i didnt even realize i was doin it untill my mother would point outthings i attracted into my life my first car wasa 98 maxima a car i had manifested about for years I used to imaagine how it would feel driving it and sitting inside….my father brought me this car without me even telling him I wanted it…another time I was unemployed and I was looking n the want adds imaging myself working and the very next day a job called me that I had 4gotten about that I applied 4….I believe god used lynn as a vessel to show us wat we r all capable of ….god gave us this will…he gave us the power to make things come into our lives…b4 I found lynns books I was longing 4 something praying for answers to questions I had 4 years and I believe god led me e excuse me….lynns other books god what is happening to us answered so many questions it gave peace and it changed my life completely 4 the better…and to other bloggers who commented that dear god wat is….was a dark side of lynn…I deeply disagree with you…bkuz that book brought so much light to me…it showed me the truth that I knew and felt n my heart was real….I truely believe god led me to her books dear god and planet two to show me the truth of our existience and to bring us closure to the light to free us from the dark entities…free us from the darkness to help set us free…


  37. Moe Webster says:

    Hi John,
    Lynn is one of my favorite authors of all time, and after years of reflecting, I believe it was because of her ability to communicate, rather than her message. So many before and since have said all the same things that she did, so what she said, isn’t as remarkable as the way that she was able to say it. When you read Excuse Me, it was as if she was taking you by the neck, and thrusting yourself out of your head and into your life. Her language and tone were so visceral, that you could feel her, and like you, I’m sure you felt like you knew her after reading that book.

    I think that Lynn DID feel more than a lot of us are able to feel in a lifetime, and perhaps that meant feeling TOO much. I have a personal view that she needed far more interaction with people who are on that path, but that she lost her way, alone. Like so many people who “preach” a high message, it’s easy to identify with that message, it becomes a sort of high, and we lost contact with our earthly existence. Perhaps putting a combination of Tolle and Grabhorne in a bag, and then shaking it up, we’d arrive at a more workable and doable “religion”.

    And therein lies the problem with Excuse Me, it’s not the religion that so many of us turn it into. It’s a tool, for recognizing what’s working in our lives, and what needs to be eliminated. And poor Lynn, was just a messenger. She was the coach we all needed, even though she may not have been able to play the game, she knew how to call the plays. Perhaps, she was grasping and lacking a coach in her own personal journey, opening her up for other “entities”? I hate to speculate on her personal end of life, because I’m also forming an opinion that we absolutely need to cultivate supportive relationships in our lives, that we can turn to, and TRUST for them to both encourage and motivate our best and higher good, but also to ground us. And this is why I find Tolle to be so healthy. It’s happening NOW, not in a future, that Lynn took of into and never returned from. It’s NOW.

    I wonder how many of us remember our mothers wisdom, and the words that she would encourage us with, and yet, when we look back at her life, we understand her failings too. Usually, this happens after she’s gone, we realize she was mortal like us all. Yet, we know that she loved us better than anyone ever could. For me, Lynn was that kind of mother. She knew just how hard to push in Excuse Me, to get my attention, and then she loved me as the reader, and fully related to my weakness. She related to that weakness, not because she was strong, but because she WAS WEAK herself. Did anyone else get that about her? Excuse Me was the book or the lecture that we give ourselves, and other people read it. It’s the pep talk we give our children, that epitomizes our life’s essence, and then we walk away from that experience knowing that we just lectured ourselves.

    We are mistaken to think that Lynn was teaching us. She was teaching herself, and like all good teachers, she need to be fed from clean waters and positive people around her. She needed to find her “own” people, and I dont’ believe that she ever found them HERE on this planet, and that’s what caused her to look elsewhere.

    I don’t believe she abandoned her position at any time. She just knew that she wasn’t long for this world anymore, and she was ready to leave. Everything she knew about herself was to prepare for that “end” of her physical life. I believe that she achieved all that she was her to achieve, including in meeting her demons. If anything, this is a reminder to all of us, that in the “new age” to come, we need not face our demons alone, as Lynn did, but that we can reach out to each other and find comfort and support in speaking back to them, and conquering them.

    My sense is that Lynn’s life is not just about the life she lived, but the life that we can all chose and live BECAUSE of her. We don’t have to succumb to the pain she manifested towards the end. But pain, and that discussion is another post, perhaps another book, the book that comes after Lynn, that she wasn’t meant to write, but that someone else is to write BECAUSE of her. She wasn’t a goddess, she wasn’t complete, she need more from us all, from her friends, and she had so much that was missing in her life, as any artist who creates, does. She was human and gifted and she touched our souls. She is immortal because of what she left of herself to us. And for that, I say, she was more successful than the majority of the population. We can only hope for that kind of success in life.

    Who writes the book on what comes next? Because that book definitely needs to be written. Tolle wrote the book on how to experience it, but there’s still so much more out there to “experience”. And that’s the message of Lynn Grabhorne, and she KNEW it in her bones. And because she gave it birth, we can know it too.



  38. shelley Perham says:

    Hi John, I should be in a position to answer the question of Lynn’s demise if I can only find the email I received from Lynn’s publicist. The circumstances under which I was introduced to Lynn’s book ‘excuse me’ were, on reflection, rather odd and as it now turns out rather magical. I was on holiday (from England) with my husband and daughter. We had been considering getting divorced for several months and were in a very unhappy place. The holiday was a make or break situation..and was turning out to be a break! One morning, on the beach, when I was attemting to take a photograph of my daughter and husband we were approached by what we thought and call in England ‘a nutter’ who told us that he sensed something wrong with our family. Its a very long story which I wont bore you with but a two hour conversation ensued which left me in tears. However, he advised my husband (not me, as he considered me the devil incarnate and suggested that I was cutting off my husbands genitals!!) to read Lynn’s book. Then he disappeared without a trace! My husband dismissed it as mumbo jumbo but despite my abhorrance with this man I later found and read Lynn’s book. Again a long story, but I was competing at the hightest level (and still am) in equine sports in England. Long and short of it is that I have achieved the highest accolade know in this field not once but 4 times and am planning (thru feeling!!) to achieve it again this year. Amazing. Truly amazing. I emailed Lynn to tell her about the effect that she had had on my life (I cannot remember how on earth I found her email address??) and received one back from her publicist explaining that she had died and the circumstances of her death. She told me that Lynn would have been so happy for my experience as she too had been involved with horses and competition.

    Sadly that was in 2006 and I cannot remember what this lady told me about her death. I am going to get a computer wiz kid to look at my pc and see if I can regain my old emails to try to solve the mystery. In the meantime if anyone knows who this lady was who wrote to me I am sure she can explain what she had explained to me.

    As a footnote to all this, I am hoping to have an interview with the Kelly Holmes foundation based in England who tutor up and coming athletes. I have devised a theory based around the law of attraction which helped me achieve my life times ambition 4 times. I owe it to Lynn and that mystery man on the beach!

    I should have said, if anyone needs verification of Lynn’s magic, if you google my name you will see that I have won the Horse of The Year Show 4 times, a unique feat. I am now writing my own account to share my experience and method with others. Badly need help from someone in publishing..anyone?? (Lynn??) Shelley Perham


  39. James says:

    I was surprised by the subject when I found this blog today…

    I read “Excuse Me…” several years ago and found it intriguing to say the least. I loaned the book to a friend because her business and life had taken a turn for the worse and I thought it might help. That was over two years ago.

    My friend brought the book back to me today and told me about all the other people she had given it to and how many people had enjoyed the book’s message. I had no reason to believe I would ever see that book again and had not thought about it for some time.

    An hour after receiving the book another friend stopped by my office. She talked a bit about what was going on in her life right now. I listened and then told her I have a book for her to read and handed her “Excuse Me…”. She read the front and back cover, looked at a couple pages, and asked if I was serious and could she take it with her. Of course I said yes.

    The book was gone for over two years but is it a mere coincidence that it should come back to me an hour before I talk to someone else who might benefit from what it says? I asked my friend who returned it why she had decided to bring it back today – her only answer was that she had done some cleaning the evening before, saw the book, and just thought that she should return it to me.

    How Ms. Grabhorn’s life ended does not say anything to me about how she lived and I do not believe it takes anything away from her message. In the end we are all just human anyway.


    • Luke says:

      Good message there, I too loved the book and I am re-reading it again now. I only just found out 30 minutes ago that Lynn had passed on. I also agree that it dosnt matter so much how or why, but whats important, atleast to me anyway, is her work and message that is obviously helping to uplift and inspire many thousands of people all over the world. I have done alot of reading research on the current planetary changes and 2012. My aunt in Australia, where i grew up, also told me about it in detail, and although in 1992 i was only 18, i was fasinated. I have yet to read here two other books, one of which (Dear God, whats happening to us?”) I will most likely skip past, only because I already know alot about from my aunt but also being of a darker subject I prefer to keep to more up lifting and inspieing messages. The 2nd Planet book is something I have always thought about and felt to be real. And I am currently making changes in my life to raise my love, light and my “viabration” into a higher mode.
      I appriciated your comments and just wanted to tell you so!


  40. Saniya says:

    Thanks for your response John. I wonder if this is the right place for this question…on second thoughts, can’t think of a better place. Would someone please enlighten me if they have any idea on Lynn’s views on God?
    Did alarm bells just go off at the mention of God? Stay with me here please! All will become clear!!
    The LOA theory was for me a great way to understand the awesomeness of our Creator. This book and others like it have propelled me to read and learn from the Bible and much to my surprise I found that many of the Christian teachings are so similar. Some of you reading this might balk at the idea but after much reading and listening to Christian Pastors I couldn’t help but come to that conclusion.
    Now to the purpose of my God related question…. See, I would love to share this book with people that I think would benefit from it. I know a few people who think that LOA is in direct opposition to the idea of God and would love to reassure them if I possibly could. Would help if I could tell them that the author believed in God.

    John, could you please recommend which one of your books I could start with…do you perhaps have a favorite?

    And back to Lynn….where can we find out more about her life and possibly try and understand what she went through…in a bid to lessen the darkness that seems to shroud her passing. Also I feel so connected to her ( I guess when you read her book she kinda draws you in)and feel cheated that I don’t really know more about her life and death!
    That’s all for now.
    Peace and joy,


    • John Scriven says:

      Thanks for a great, thought-provoking post, Saniya. I suspect I might be able to answer you better when I read Lynn’s last two books. I don’t know if she believed in God as defined in the Bible, but it seems clear to me that she believed in what might be described as an afterlife. She writes about this in those last two books. I’m about to buy them and intend to write about them sometime soon. I suggest you go to and read everything you can find about her books, including excerpts and the reviews posted by readers.

      As for my books, I would start with Unlock The Real You, for the following reasons: As I said in my last post, I don’t believe you can fully harness the Law of Attraction until you connect with your true inner self and know who you really are. You also need to know your true desires, what dreams you really want to pursue, what you truly love doing and the real goals you want to achieve in life. It’s about living authentically. I wrote Unlock The Real You to help people to determine these things through a series of 12 exercises in which you answer questions that are designed to bring clarity.

      You can find out more about this book by following this link:


      • deb says:

        Hi John,
        I don’t really think it matters if she believed in God as the reader is so curious about. I think she is missing the point of her teachings. Lynn was letting people know that they have been conditioned, and that if you are not happy in your current state you have the power to change it by changing your thoughts. We are all going to die, and many of us all to soon. That’s why it is so important to sing your song while you have the chance and not take one moment for granted.
        Even the bible tells us that we have a free will. And if that is so why does it also say that if we don’t accept Jesus as lord we will not be accepted???? That is a direct contradiction and leads me to believe that maybe in its entirety it is not completely divinely inspired. It takes courage to seek your truth and that is also the beginning of healing. There are only 2 kinds of energy and that is positive and negative.That is where free will comes in. We are capable of choosing either..It’s our choice. Peace and blessings. Deb Keller


    • Luke says:

      I do believe Lynn believed in God but I dont think as most Christians I have encountered in my life believe, that God is a seperate entity. From what i have read from Lynns books I feel that she aknowledged GOD as all pure energy witch IS LOVE. And yes if you delve into the true teachings of Christianity (and all religions for that matter) all the basic laws and teaching are the same and teach Love and brillience are inate in ALL life and all connected.
      Im looking forward to reading her ‘ 2nd Planet book


  41. John Scriven says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Saniya. Although she didn’t set out to do it, Lynn did create a community when she published Excuse Me.

    About the ‘s’ word. As far as I’ve been able to ascertain, Lynn only looked into the possibility an assisted suicide because of the terrible pain she was experiencing, but she never followed through with it.


  42. Saniya says:

    Excuse Me literally called out to me from the book shelf while I was waiting for the salesman to find me a book for a friend. Long story short, I bought Excuse Me and the book I came for was not available!! Talk about attracting!! I fell in love with the book and all it taught and have since recommended it to many friends who also loved it! But when I found out that she might have comitted suicide I was worried about recommending it anymore. In fact, my friend who was interested in buying the book recently promptly changed her mind when she heard the ‘s’ word. Which brings me to my reason for my response …. Oh boy! am I glad I happened upon your blog! First of all like Carla mentions, great to know that Lynn’s work is alive and well all over the world! I was so happy to read all the comments and feel in a sense like I am connected to all the people who have benefittd from the book. I love the way she walked you through the process of ATTRACTING…much like a friend/counseller would do….makes you want to try it! Also I perfectly understand the point you make, John regarding not always being able to follow all the principles you try and impart (in all earnestness, no doubt) to others. I do it all the time….I love learning stuff and love teaching others too….but practising….well that’s really another story…..I do try!!! Will check out you book: The path to inner peace…Sounds good! Peace and hugs….Saniya


  43. Carla says:

    Thank you John. Very insightful. As I am a “newbie” practioner at this (well a “now conscious” one rather) I hear you about constantly practising. It’s strange noticing the distinction now of thinking negatively versus positively.

    Inner Peace is sounding good – I shall have a more detailed look at your site! I see you are a Facebook fan – as am I… We can forward the energy!

    I am such a chatterbox (and do love a good conversational stoush) which is where I see I can come unstuck…. perhaps outer peace will serve me well also!!! :)

    Anyway, my list of “happy things” is all lined up and waiting for when I need to “flip switch” and I am excited at the thought of now harnessing and directing my significant energy towards more positive pursuits.

    So a big feel good hug out to you and thank you for this blog. It is nice to know I’m not alone!

    Best, Carla


  44. John Scriven says:

    Thanks for your great contribution, Carla. And boy is that challenging question!

    As you point out, shutting out the negative is a continual process. To me, it’s a bit like being a professional athlete. Unless you train and practice, you won’t stay at the top of your game.

    As I wrote in one of my posts, I find Lynn’s “flip-switch” method helpful. I also try to practice what I call “The Power of Detachment.” Sounds anomalous, I know, but the process of detaching yourself from the maelstrom of life is a powerful way to stay centered. I go into the process in detail in my book, The Path to Inner Peace.

    Through detachment, I try to stand back and become the observer of stressful, negative situations, observing what’s happening without judgment. I don’t always succeed, but I do always try.

    I also use a variety of breathing exercises to induce calmness and tranquility, which I describe in detail in the same book.

    It’s great to hear from someone “down under”. Stay in touch.


  45. Carla says:

    It seems Lynn’s work is alive and well around the world.

    I write from Australia and have, after many “pick ups and put downs” finished “Excuse me”. Whilst I have been a believer in “we create” and have a life full of evidence where the “universe” has been at work both positively and negatively depending on whether I was “on” or not… I had not until now understood how to “manufacture” the “on”. I have called it my mojo or “it” factor when I meet it in others…. what a revelation that I can turn it on by feeling the things that make me smile and that I want……

    So, I too decided to find out more about Lynn as I felt the need to write to her with just one pressing question… she took herself away and lived in relative isolation and struggled with “shutting out the negative”.. How do I do this minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day being a parent, a wife, a business owner, a body corporate chairman where I am constantly bombarded with the negative? John do you have any personal tips as to how you extract yourself or go into “happy land” in the middle of someone’s “whinge” ! :)

    Thank you by the way for your blog… It is nice to “meet”
    other LOA practitioners!


  46. Andi says:

    In January of this year (2009), I discovered Lynn Grabhorn’s, book (on CD’s) at my local library. I had not heard of her, nor did I have any preconceived ideas about her work and philosophies. I, like many people my age, have been searching for answers to the universal questions about why we are here, what happens after death, is there really a God, etc. I found Grabhorn’s book to be enlightening and her (expounded upon) ideas to be very refreshing. The knowledge of her death also came as a surprise to me after I started searching for more information about her online.

    I have read, and own, all three books of her trilogy – Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, Dear God! What’s Happening to Us?, and Planet Two. If you have not read the last two books, I encourage you to do so. The only way to learn more about the author herself is to understand where she was headed through the writings in these last two publications. They are nothing like her first book, Excuse Me…

    Grabhorn may have been labeled “crazy” by some after reading these last two books, but it is merely because they have not lived through the trials of emotional and physical trauma brought on by her illness. I have, and believe I can completely relate to her symphonies of change, as well as her pain. Yes, she makes mistakes in her writings (apparently missed by the editors), but I could see through all that to her message, which I believe is clear and should be a wake-up call for all of us. She has set me on a course that has given me hope and has helped to answer some of those questions that we all share.


    • John Scriven says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful contribution, Andi. You make a good point about the emotional and physical trauma that Lynn’s illness must have inflicted. Until now, I haven’t felt ready to read Lynn’s last two books, I guess because, in some crazy way, I wanted to preserve the integrity and simplicity I saw in Excuse Me. But you’re right. The only way to get to know more about Lynn is to read those books, so I’ve added them to my “must read” list.


  47. John Scriven says:

    I agree with everything you say, Patty. I love hearing about instances of Lynn’s book finding its way to people who need it and helping to change their lives for the better. That’s all the proof I need that the way in which Lynn teaches us to jump start the Law of Attraction really does work. Thanks for the gift of your words.


  48. Patty says:

    She was a signpost for all who seek to find what leads them to her book in the first place…She was and is (if not back on earth already) a soul that allowed any who get it from her words to find within them the power to change on any level. She will always have words of love sent from me to her in whatever form she may be in now. Years ago when I found my way to her the flood gates of change lead me to a very productive peaceful life full of wonder new understanding….forever I will bless the book that help change me. As for her other work, well nothing has lead it to my hands so I guess its not for me to know now. Blessing to all who get it. Namaste


  49. John Scriven says:

    I understand how you feel and why you’re questioning Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. My immediate reaction to hearing about Lynn’s illness and her contemplation of suicide, was to wonder about the veracity of Excuse Me. Since then, I’ve re-examined my faith in her philosophy and it stands firm.

    I don’t have enough information to draw any hard and fast conclusions about Lynn’s life after she wrote the book, or the exact circumstances of her death. I haven’t read her last two books, but from reading reviews written by people who have, it appears she came to believe that her problems were attributable to negative forces at work in the universe. That sounds a little far out, but who knows for sure what’s true and what isn’t?

    In the end, I think it comes down to personal beliefs and faith. I’ve practiced the methods Lynn expounded in Excuse Me and all I can say is that they work for me. I also know from personal experience that it’s possible to write about something in which you have a passionate belief, then struggle to apply it in your own life. So, for me personally, nothing about Lynn’s death has invalidated her work or changed my belief in the methods she advocated.

    Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this blog.


  50. AJ says:

    How can you say that her disease, and her possible suicide does not invalidate her work? I have recently been re-reading her book and found that she believes positive thinking and feeling leads only to good things. She clearly says that if a person keeps to her philosophy for most of the time, nothing bad will happen to them including sickness. So it is logical to say that her sickness was a result of negative feeling, according to her philosophy. I have enjoyed reading Ms Grabhorn’s book very much, but I do not find it wrong to question it when the very events of her life seem to dispute it. You can say that perhaps she just didn’t practice her own philosophy, which is possible, but still, there is something here that seems not right to me.


  51. Nancy says:

    So glad I found this and didn’t stop at the “pooh poohers”.
    I too believe that there is a lot of truth in LOA. I read The Secret and accept my perspective comfortably. It’s a recycling of an ancient philosophy (or truth) with brilliant marketing tactics (including a stint on Oprah) which made a ton of money for the author(s). I took what I wanted from it and accept it for what it is.
    I found Lynn Grabhorn’s book in my home library and frankly, do not remember buying it. Yet ANOTHER take on the Law of Attraction. I like her version because I enjoy her style of writing. Like you, I never heard of her or her work but decided to Google her because I liked her “take” on a theory that I’ve heard about for most of my life. I was quite taken aback to see that she had passed from cancer(the first article). It HARDLY negates the book or fundamental truths in the book. This wave of judgement about her death is reminiscent of when Linda McCartney died. The meat eaters were saying AH Ha! She was a vegetarian and got cancer! How Ridiculous! The idea that Grabhorn was a plagiarist is absurd! In fact the Authors of The Secret seemed to be presenting this as something new, a “secret” that they would grace us with… for a price. Lynn Grabhorn presented the concept with a keen sense of humour and a pleasant read. OK, then. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate knowing that not everyone is “turning” on Lynn or her work. Thanks!


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